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Talking with Sony TV executives: Intelligent 8K TVs need experience to prove

TV work For The device with the largest screen in the whole house, not only is it a window for us to entertain and understand the world, it is also a device that connects and controls the whole house terminal. Sony, one of the world’s largest TV manufacturers, is also gradually changing in this intelligent age. Although what we heard from Sony in the previous experience is “picture quality”, in.. Read More

For the monitoring of diabetes in the primary medical market, “Minkang Bio” completed a 150 million yuan Pre-IPO financing round

Accumulated nearly 250 million yuan in financing It is reported that the blood glucose monitor developer “Minkang Bio” Today announced the completion of 150 million yuan of Pre-IPO financing, this round of financing led by Chinese venture capital. The company has received nearly 250 million yuan in financing in five years. This round of financing will be used to upgrade the existing product production line, and plans to build a.. Read More

The United States also has image projects.

This article comes from WeChat public account: Yuanchuan Business review (ID: gh_dc4453e8feed) , author: Mr. Huang, from the title figure: vision China June 28, 2018, Leshan Village, Wisconsin, USA (Village of Mount Pleasant) , President Trump and founder of Foxconn Guo Taiming attended the opening ceremony of the Foxconn LCD panel factory. Trump on the task of “grabbing production and promoting employment” is overjoyed. Guo Taiming and then Governor Scott.. Read More

“Father of the Invisible Champion”: China will be the strongest opponent of the German Invisible Champion

This article comes from public micro-channel number: Sino-foreign magazine management (ID: zwgl1991) , author: Xie Dandan, from the title figure: Figure worm < / p> The company chooses to be an invisible champion, in fact, it is to choose to be a small fish in a large pond-the invisible champion is a strategic choice, but also a value choice. “Have you considered why Germany’s economic volume is only one-fourth that.. Read More

Year-end awards issued gold bars.

The title picture comes from: worm, this article comes from WeChat public account: Tu Finance (ID: tucaijing8) , the original title “Some companies issue lottery tickets at the end of the year, this village will issue gold bars! “OF: Tucson breaking pattern ah Township enterprises that emerged as a result of the wave of reform and opening up have developed rapidly under the attention and preferential policies of governments at.. Read More

Daily News | Amazon to invest $ 1 billion in Indian SMEs; OYO cuts costs, shrinks hotel room size

In addition, Singapore launched a new fund management system; Chile’s sports streaming startup Fanatiz received $ 10 million in Series A funding. This article from the “sea (micro channel ID: wow36krchuhai)”, authors: Jonathan DAW. India Amazon will invest $ 1 billion to help Indian SMEs digitize. According to Techcrunch, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos stated that he will help small and medium-sized enterprises from cities, towns, and villages to complete digital.. Read More

How does “design management” manage the team in the new grassroots management?

How to manage performance upwards and downwards are popular Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ Yong She “ (ID: yongshe01), author Yong She. A friend told me on the weekend that he had some work confusion recently (hereafter called z). He is the design backbone of the n department of a front-line Internet company. He switched from the n department to the m department six months.. Read More

How unlucky is SAIC: Net profit turned negative, Passat “hit” brand crisis

This article is from micro-channel public number: Jintai capital group (ID: jtzbz1) , author: Zhou Qi, the original title: “SAIC how” unlucky “| Net profit decreased by nearly 30%, Passat “hit” the brand crisis “, the title picture comes from: Tuworm On January 14th, SAIC Group (600104.SH) released the 2019 annual results forecast, which is expected to be attributed to the shareholders of listed companies About 25.6 billion yuan, a.. Read More

Cottage master Bao franchisee: a bit of luck, made me a leek

This article comes from < span class = "text-remarks"> public micro-channel number: interface News (ID: wowjiemian) , author: Lu Yibei, from the title figure: Figure worm < / span> In the dispute between the true and the false Master Bao, the franchisee who entered last is the “wounded”. With the end of 2019, the two infringing trademarks of Master Yizhai Bao’s parent company, Beijing Yishang Co., Ltd., which are mainly.. Read More

In the second half of the Internet, how to crack the product’s growth password?

This article comes from WeChat public account: high Rong capital (ID: banyancapital) , author: Liu Xinhua (high Rong capital investment partner, former chief growth officer deft), from the title figure: Fig. Worm In today’s Internet competition, growth is a topic that is too much talked about and anxious. Fission, KOL / KOC, traffic pool, growth hacker, private domain traffic … various concepts emerge endlessly, dazzling. But how to understand the.. Read More