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A little bit of “no car response”

This article is from the public account of Wise Finance (ID: onecaijing), author Xia Yumeng, and Ai Faner released with permission. “Ranked 49th, 50 are in line. Estimated responses from 9:00 to 9:10.” Worker Zhou Kai found that starting to use Didi to call a car has become more difficult since Monday, and the number of people in the queue has jumped from about 20 to 50. “I called at.. Read More

Ups and downs of the mobile phone accessories market

This article from the public No. Wise Finance (ID: onecaijing), author Xia Yumeng, Ai Faner released with permission. Liao Hui never thought that he could deal with mobile phone accessories for the first half of his life. Twelve years ago, he worked as a handyman in an unknown small electronics factory in Shenzhen. There was no regular working time. Upside down day and night was a normal thing for Liao.. Read More

Targeting the global dairy and ready-to-drink coffee industry with a size of more than $ 1 trillion? “ Califia Farms ” raises US $ 225 million in Series D funding

Independent plant-based food and beverage company. According to foreign media PR Newswire reports, Califia Farms < / a> Completed $ 225 million in Series D financing, led by Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), Singapore-based investment company Temasek, Canada’s Claridge, Hong Kong’s Green Monday Ventures, and a Latin American family engaged in coffee and consumer products. . Califia Farms is an independent plant-based food and beverage company , founded in 2010, headquartered.. Read More

Chinese anchor Zhao Zhongxiang: forget the president, remember the animals

This article comes from WeChat public account: Charcoal past (ID: chashaows) , author: fork less, from FIG title: FIG insect American legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite said in a lifetime news that whether it was Normandy landing, Apollo moon landing, assassination of Kennedy or assassination of Martin Luther King, he used to end with “this is the case”, was Called “the most trusted person in the United States.” The host.. Read More

Only by playing with things you are proficient at will you be invincible.

At the CES 2020 in North America a while ago, many exhibitors were discussing. Participating in CES for many years has gradually lost its “freshness”. After all, the rapid progress of science and technology is not enough to support each year. Can display “black technology”, so the content of each booth is slightly “pale”, it is difficult to trigger people’s excitement. So “Sony made cars” became the biggest highlight of.. Read More

A star in Orion is quickly darkening. Is this the rhythm of the explosion?

This article comes from WeChat Public number: Tencent Space (ID: qqtaikong) , translation: Yu Jia, the picture from: ESO / Digitized Sky Survey 2 参 宿 四 (Betelgeuse) is a red supergiant star in Orion. It used to be the 12th brightest in the night sky except the sun. star. Legend: The place of residence is located on the shoulder of Orion (red circle position). Orion is a well-known constellation.. Read More

Giants’ “grabbing battle” in Myanmar

The giants fought in Myanmar. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “7 o’clock 5” (ID: Asia7_5) < / a>. Giant shift of vision For a long time, the Southeast Asian market has not lacked the presence of Chinese giants. As early as 6-7 years ago, Chinese investors began to grab the Southeast Asian market and penetrated in all aspects such as e-commerce, payment, cloud services, and logistics… Read More

Establishing the Internet celebrity dining matrix, “LROOM” is completed from two aspects of incubation and private label

In the view of the founder of LROOM, the trend of online celebrity catering has become a reality, but some shops that have passed the quality test have no “marketing footing” on the issue of “becoming a celebrity”. LROOM, established in 2018, is a company committed to building and incubating online celebrity catering brands. Its predecessor was the LROOM online flower sales platform. Now it has successfully hatched an LROOM.. Read More

These technologies displayed at CES 2020 will define our future life

Judging from the general trend of product release, future technology will further improve the quality of life. Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives and new trends. Editor’s note: At the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, there are many novel products. Interested partners can also see live videos on various video websites, although.. Read More