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In-depth information | In order to consolidate the content community, Xiaohongshu relaxes the threshold for individual creators to make money

On January 15, Xiaohongshu officially launched “Creator Center” and upgraded the brand cooperation platform. Text | Daily Business Picks In order to consolidate the content community, Xiaohongshu relaxed the threshold for individual creators to make money. On January 15, Xiaohongshu officially launched “Creator Center” and upgraded the brand cooperation platform. The former is mainly for platform creators to analyze background data, while the latter supports individual creators who have not.. Read More

Instagram started blocking fake photos and accidentally hurt some creative works

When Facebook is cracking down on fake news, its Instagram has also launched fake pictures. According to the photography site PetaPixel , since December last year Since then, Instagram has introduced an algorithm to reduce the spread of false images, which is often referred to as synthetic images, but some photos or creative images processed by Photoshop have also been recruited, making artists feel very wronged.

What can we learn from Netflix’s failed community strategy?

If it’s clear that the project you’re working on is failing, then bravely communicate with others and get rid of it. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Out of stack ” (ID: zhanwai_ ), original from the Medium, author: Gibson Biddle. What to watch in this article Many of Netflix’s advanced product strategies have failed. One prejudice affects judgment, and the other does lack good judgment… Read More

Workplace divergence, here are some advices

We spend the rest of our lives in the future. Please be kind to yourself and leave room for the future. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account 洪 言 微 语 (ID: hongyanweiyu ), Author Xue Hongyan. A few days ago, a friend on Zhihu asked me a private offer question. He is a recent graduate in 2020 and has received two bank offers: one is.. Read More

Alcoholic hepatitis related to excessive drinking is another “culprit” behind it?

This article comes from WeChat public account: Nature Nature Research (ID: Nature-Research) , author: Martha RJ Clokie, from FIG title: FIG insect Alcoholic hepatitis is a liver disease associated with excessive drinking and treatment is limited. Animal experiments show that viral therapy can “cope” with the microorganisms that cause the disease. In 1984, a microbiologist, Barry Marshall, performed a groundbreaking experiment. He took himself as an experimental subject and drank.. Read More

Google Cloud + salesforce, can you really attack Microsoft + Amazon?

Is Google a golden phoenix or a black swan? Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “brain polar body” (ID: unity007) , author: Tibetan fox. If you want to find a white moonlight and cinnabar mole for the competitors in the field of enterprise service, salesforce is well deserved. This 20-year-old company has provided cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) services to enterprises, surpassing Oracle, SAP, Adobe, and Microsoft,.. Read More

The era of KOC is coming, “Honey” will use social relations to leverage the consumer market

Mi He has recently completed the Pre-A round of financing and is opening up a new round of financing, which will be mainly used in marketing, brand building, technology upgrades, product development and operations. The days of hypermarkets and TV commercials are long gone. Electronic payment and social media are already infrastructure. In the 1990s, the most effective means of communication was 5 seconds after the weather forecast was spent.. Read More

Chao Technology | Apple may acquire, a startup that develops AI image recognition tools, and has acquired about 200 million US dollars

Xnor mainly researches and develops edge AI. Its motto is “AI is everywhere and serves everyone.” , The original title “ The pass price reached 200 million US dollars, and Apple acquired AI startup Xnor. ai “, reproduced with permission, with minor deletions. 映 维 网 It was learned on January 16, 2020 that GeekWire quoted the source as saying, Apple has acquired Seattle-based, an AI startup specializing in.. Read More

These six communication theories should be retired

The article is from WeChat public account: Xinchuanyandushe (ID: xinchuanyandushe) , author: Elihu Katz, Yonatan Fialkoff, from the title figure: Figure worm Guide In this issue is a paper published by well-known communication scholars Elihu Katz and Yonatan Fialkoff in 2017, which talks about six communication theory that should be retired, including our familiar opinion leaders, two-level mobility, choice Sexual contact, the spiral of silence … Katz and others suddenly.. Read More

Achieved but still anxious? Set a “keyword” for yourself in 2020

What theme would you set for yourself? Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives and new trends. Editor’s note: There is no end to the path to success. This sentence sounds very positive, and it will motivate us not to rest on the status quo, but to continuously pursue higher goals and achievements… Read More