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Bose closes stores on a large scale, they think e-commerce is the future

While everyone was laying off, the well-known audio brand Bose couldn’t sit still. They are also laying off staff, but Bose’s focus is not on layoffs, but on closing stores, which is an important part of their future strategy. Recently, Bose has announced that it will close 119 offline retail stores in North America, Europe, Japan and Australia in the coming months, a decision that will cost hundreds of brick-and-mortar.. Read More

The biggest winner of the “Sony” multi-camera era!

2019 is a special year for Sony. This year, Sony ’s PS4 console shipments exceeded 100 million units, successfully surpassing the sales of the first generation PS consoles, It has become Sony’s most popular game console product, and such a result is basically within Sony’s expectations. What makes Sony even more happy is that the sales of the semiconductor unit in the second quarter of 2019 increased by 22.13% year-on-year,.. Read More

How many people can Guangdong attract when the threshold for resettlement drops?

One problem facing Guangdong is that although the entry threshold is lowered every year, migrant workers are not very willing to settle in local towns. Source of this article Daily Economic News , author Yang Qifei. On January 14, the two sessions of Guangdong Province were held, and Governor Ma Xingrui made a 2020 government work report. The two information disclosed therein caused a lot of discussions- First, the GDP.. Read More

Zhao Zhongxiang’s role of the times

The article is from WeChat public account: News Lab (ID: newslab) , author: Hang Shu, from the title figure: Figure worm On January 1, 1979, China and the United States established diplomatic relations. Shortly thereafter, Deng Xiaoping led a Chinese government delegation to the United States. Zhao Zhongxiang, a 37-year-old announcer, landed on the American continent with a television coverage group. During the visit, Zhao Zhongxiang successfully cooperated with the.. Read More

Funing, Jiangsu encourages farmers to buy houses in the city

Encourage farmers to buy a house in the city Source of this article Daily Economic News < / a>, author Bao Jingjing. On January 14, the Funing County People ’s Government of Jiangsu Province issued the “Preferential Policies for Farmers to Enter the City and Buy Town Houses”. For newly-purchased commercial houses (including second-hand houses) in areas such as the county seat, each household is on the basis of subsidies.. Read More

Brainstorming is really useless

The word “brainstorming”, which sounds unclear and unsettling at the moment, has changed a bit. It was originally intended to stimulate the team’s creativity, but often the less the creativity is discussed, the mention of “brainstorm” only makes the brain hurt. Rest assured, you are definitely not alone with this feeling. A new survey shows that most people who are engaged in creative work think that brainstorming is a waste.. Read More

Not optimistic about WeChat paid reading

The article is from WeChat public account: 刘 言 飞 语 (ID: liufeinotes) , the picture from: worm Yesterday, the WeChat subscription number supports a single article paid grayscale test, and some paid articles appeared. Experience it a bit. With my previous thinking, I summarize my views as follows. First, WeChat payment requires new user awareness. In many people ’s eyes, free and paid viewing are nothing more than multiple.. Read More

Published by Facebook: Ending High Numbers Saved, AI Helps You Solve Equations

The high numbers at the end of the period have been saved! Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ 新 智 元 ” (ID: AI_era), edited by Daming Source: Turing TOPIA Recently, Facebook AI announced the establishment of the first AI system that uses symbolic reasoning to solve advanced mathematical equations, with accuracy crushing Mathematica and Matla. By developing a new method to represent complex mathematical expressions.. Read More

Inventory 2019: Online video meets the impact of short video, high-quality content and paid members become a must-have

Looking back on 2019, driven by multiple factors such as the promotion of copyright regulation, the improvement of payment awareness and ability to pay, and the improvement of technical conditions, the online video industry has entered a critical period of development. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account Blue Whale TMT (ID: ilanjingtmt) , Author Feiteng. Reviewing 2019, driven by multiple factors such as copyright regulation, payment awareness.. Read More