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Three years later, WeChat has finally launched paid reading

The public account payment function urged by Ma Huateng has finally arrived! Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “New List” (ID: newrankcn) , Author Eva sauce. Original title: “ Three years! WeChat finally launched paid reading! Interpretation of the new list the first time . The public account payment function that Ma Huateng personally urged in 2017 has finally arrived! This afternoon, the paid reading feature expected.. Read More

“Buy” net red cheese sticks, Mengniu is a few steps away from the double 100 billion

The picture is from the map insect network A while ago, a children’s cheese stick with a relatively high calcium content and tasted like pudding became popular. On some short video platforms, many video bloggers have picked up this cheese stick rice. Just a few days ago, Mengniu’s action was also related to cheese sticks-Mengniu bought 5% of the “cheese’s first share” Miao Kelando in the beginning of the year… Read More

Douyin search keywords Play games to collect energy to draw cash red envelopes Pro test 1.28 yuan Can withdraw

Open the tremor APP and search for keywords directly: Little Douyin Assistant and Li Afraid can pop up red envelopes, just draw! The small number is black, and only two 0.15 yuan are drawn! In addition, playing the game to collect red envelope energy can draw extra cash and red envelopes, all must be obtained! The red envelopes here will be bigger and you can withdraw them together! Activity address:.. Read More