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Wake up and stop using the to-do list blindly

Using the to-do list incorrectly will only make you do more with less … Shenzhen Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields. New wind direction. Editor’s note: For many people, in the daily work, life or study process, in order to make themselves more organized and efficient to complete related matters, they will use the to-do list to make things important Sexual.. Read More

Medical entrepreneurs: what are my reflections after paying $ 40,000 in tuition

In nine months, after spending $ 40,000, he ended his own business. Alfa said: After having a good idea, entrepreneur Tom Cleveland quickly started his own business, but after 9 months, he ran out of funds and was forced to shut down the company. . In this regard, he made in-depth reflection, and the results of the reflection are also worthy of reference for other first-time entrepreneurs. When you have.. Read More

He laughed loudly at the fiance’s funeral

ttps: // “poster =” “controls =” controls “width =” 100% “> Your device does not support playback at this time This gig recorded by Steco’s friends is indeed quite similar to the interpretation in” The Clown “ In a very important working meeting, Scott once couldn’t help laughing, but was caught by colleagues and partners because of his uncontrollable consequences in the workplace, which made him Feeling physically and.. Read More

After joining forces to push the song, Kuaishou and Tencent Music reached an ultra-large-scale copyright cooperation

It is understood that in addition to the main station of Kushou, this cooperation will also benefit Kushou’s A station, Kuaiying and Yitian Camera. Recently, 36kr has learned exclusively that Kushou and Tencent Music Entertainment Group (“Tencent Music”, TME) have officially reached in-depth cooperation on copyright, and may be the largest copyright cooperation in the short video industry. At present, you can see that many songs are tagged with “Tencent.. Read More

Living robots are exaggerated; Huawei upgrades its cloud business to BG, with soft underbelly; brain-computer interface helps high paraplegia patients drink Cola [Frontier Technology Weekly] Issue 52

The Spring Festival is coming, and the weekend is here. When you are busy with the Spring Festival and weekends, you can continue to pay attention to the latest news and breakthroughs in the cutting-edge technology field. This week’s weekly report, let’s talk with you about some interesting new discoveries in the cutting-edge technology circle. Recently, American researchers have designed a living robot, which is different from an industrial robot.. Read More

Online education institution “fancy acquisition” can treat internal injuries in the industry?

Photo by Dimitar Belchev on Unsplash, this article comes from WeChat public account: Understand notes (ID: dongdong_note) < / a> , author: MuziGallery Let the parents set the price, and the course charge is “you decide”. Is this reliable? Recently, a well-known educational brand has released a large class live-streaming course for rice students, “Rice Online School”, and announced a round A investment of up to 80 million US dollars.. Read More

In-depth information | Google’s market value exceeds trillions of dollars for the first time, advertising and cloud business is an important thrust

On January 16, Google ’s parent company Alphabet ’s market value exceeded US $ 1 trillion for the first time, becoming the fourth US technology giant to exceed US $ 1 trillion in market value after Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft. Text | Daily Business Picks Google’s market value exceeds one trillion US dollars for the first time, advertising and cloud business are important thrusts On January 16, Google ’s parent.. Read More

Where will e-commerce go in the next ten years? For details, please refer to the award-winning articles 198 ~ 199.

By: The Headquarters Second Prize “ a delivery man in the winter of sudden death ” Author: The Real Story program “ electricity supplier under a decade ” Author: Internet and Entertainment Strange Band “ Why does Keeper make a” deep throat “leaker? “Author: Geometric little sister “ why the United States did not build the collider ” Author: vinegar words Set 3rd Prize 《 How many years is India.. Read More

Jingdong Xu Lei, the first victory

This time, as usual, is the Jingdong Retail Annual Meeting. However, the atmosphere presented by the two annual conferences is quite the opposite. Xu Lei is the second time to attend the annual meeting as CEO of JD Retail Group, this time his title is no longer rotating CEO. Already “turning right” when he came to the center of the stage, the applause thundered from the audience, and Jingdong, who.. Read More

“Primary Three Persuades the Teacher” Readme: Give me 300,000, and return your family to complete

Photo by Ungalash, this article is from WeChat public account: Story FM (ID: story_fm) , Narrator: Dai Jun, Text: Liang Ke 3 million, help me solve this woman My name is Dai Jun. I joined the company in 2005, when the team’s main business was marriage investigation. Some friends may have heard of it. The so-called “marriage investigation” refers to investigating extramarital affairs by tracking or sneak shots. At that.. Read More