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Starter | “Chengcheng Technology” Completes Ten Million RMB A Round of Financing, Cheetah Mobile Invests

What other scenarios can the AI ​​tour be combined with? It is learnt that Lucheng Technology, an AI navigation solution service provider, has completed a series A financing of tens of millions of yuan invested by Cheetah Mobile. Yang Zhenxian, founder of Lucheng Technology, said: “This round of financing will be used in two areas: 1) product research and development and technological innovation, including the adaptation of AI navigation underlying.. Read More

Starting | “Nanyan Insurance Technology” Receives BOC International’s Leading B2 Million B2 Financing, Acquires Medicare-Global, a TPA Service Provider

Has served more than 1,000 insurance companies and insurance brokers. It is learnt that the third-party global insurance technology platform “Nanyan Insurance Technology” has completed a B2 billion round of financing. BOC International led the investment and several old shareholders followed. Qingtong Capital continues to act as exclusive financial advisor. Previously, Nanyan won a US $ 15 million B + round of financing in November 2018, led by the insurance.. Read More

In 2019, listed game companies sold “children” to survive

Listed companies that once frantically cross-border mergers and acquisitions are also frantically selling game assets. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Mobile games that matter” (ID: sykong_com), author: Rust. As the year approaches, a lot of A-share game listed companies that are losing money or even on the verge of delisting have begun to “become demon”: From Yuanli shares, Fukong Interactive, Chinese Online to Dadongnan, some.. Read More

8: 1 氪 | WeChat responds to internal test “video number”; Boeing officially suspends production of 737MAX; National Medical Insurance Bureau: Special reimbursement policy for patients diagnosed with new pneumonia

Regarding Wuhan’s new type of pneumonia, the transportation department waives Wuhan’s entry and exit refund fees, and the National Medical Insurance Bureau also includes patients diagnosed with new type of pneumonia into the special medical insurance fund. Big company WeChat responds to the internal test “video number”: a new short content creation platform According to the news of “WeChat internal testing video number function”, WeChat responded that the new capability.. Read More

Zhang Xiaolong ’s WeChat short content “video number” is here. Can it become a rival to Douyin and fast players?

The entry is obvious and publishing is simple. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ Knowledge Program ” (ID: zxcx0101 ), Author Jiang Hongchang. In the initial stage of WeChat, I said that we do apps based on mobile phones, not based on PCs. PCs are just auxiliary .If this is not the case, we have no way to popularize our products to everyone. Looking back,.. Read More

New pneumonia in Wuhan may block the Spring Festival stall

Source | One Entertainment Watch (ID: yiyuguancha) Author | Dewey Edit | brave poetry There are less than three days left until the opening of the “Spring Festival stalls”, but at present all the Spring Festival stalls and major theaters are still living as if they were on thin ice. The pre-sale cycle in less than a week, the “Wuhan pneumonia” epidemic is heating up, the three films have been.. Read More

“TripActions” Receives Strategic Investment from Lufthansa Group and Officially Lands in European Market

The two sides reached in-depth cooperation. According to BusinessWire , TripActions is EST On January 21st, the company officially announced its landing on the European market, and obtained a round of strategic financing from the Lufthansa Innovation Center (LIH) under the Lufthansa Group of Germany, and the two sides reached in-depth cooperation. TripActions was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in California, USA, providing a business travel booking service platform.. Read More