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Morning Post 丨 Vulcan Mountain Hospital completed, and admissions started today / Zhong Nanshan responds to faecal transmission / 2020 will not release a new Switch

The latest epidemic figures on February 3 ▲ Picture from: Sina News As of 7:00 on February 3, the National Health and Medical Commission has received a total of 16,639 confirmed cases from the country (2228 new cases from yesterday), 19544 suspected cases (1556 new cases from yesterday), and cumulative deaths. 361 cases (57 new cases from yesterday, and 463 cured cases (133 new cases from yesterday). Zhong Nanshan responds.. Read More

Carmen Newsletter | FAW Group Establishes Special Fund for Epidemic Prevention and Control; Volvo Does Not Set February Sales Target to Depressurize Dealers; Ningde Times Will Supply Lithium-Ion Power Batteries

The return journey has not yet peaked across the country. Editor’s note: This article comes from “ Future Car Daily ” (WeChat public account ID: auto-time), author: Jiaoman Ting. Finishing | Giorgio Ting Headline FAW Group set up a special fund for epidemic prevention and control, and donated it to 81 million yuan On February 2nd, China FAW Group Co., Ltd. (“FAW Group”) announced that FAW Group and FAW-Volkswagen have.. Read More

Will work remotely soon? These tools may help you

You can also work easily at home a> “(ID: GeekChoice), author JimZhang. After the Chinese New Year holiday on February 2nd, even if you do n’t need to go to work immediately, you may want to invest in remote office right away. Today, we will introduce several efficiency improvement tools and a collection of Chrome plug-ins, so that you can work efficiently when you work remotely, saving more time for.. Read More

How bad is the voice assistant? Netizen: never bought it

With the increasing maturity of speech recognition and AI technology, this feature is now fully popular on mobile phones. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “雷 科技” (ID: leitech ), Editor: Chong Jia. Since Apple integrated Siri on the iPhone 4S in 2011, voice assistants have appeared on smartphones for almost a decade. With the increasing maturity of speech recognition and AI technology, this feature is now.. Read More

The Securities and Futures Commission has already shot, how will A shares go on Monday?

This article is from the WeChat public account: China Fund News (ID: chinafundnews) , the cover is from: Oriental IC, the original title is “Late Night Burst! SFC shot: Stop selling securities overnight! How do A shares go on Monday? Latest views of brokers, funds, and private equity: “A plunge is a good opportunity to buy” Hello everyone, today is February 3, the New Year’s Day and the opening day.. Read More

Affected by the epidemic, domestic smartphone shipments may decline by 30% in the first quarter

May the epidemic pass soon. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “爱 范 儿” (ID: ifanr), author Li Haoran. The outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic affects everyone’s heart, including not only those who cannot stay at home, but also manufacturers who cannot resume work or postpone it. Report: Demand, supply chain and other issues affecting smartphone Q1 shipments A foreign data analysis agency (Strategy Analytics) has.. Read More

New crown virus processed from HIV? Indian research team distorts facts

This article is from the WeChat public account: Zixiangwang (ID: passagegroup) , author: SURVEYING, cover from: Oriental IC Wuhan New Coronary Pneumonia Virus (hereinafter referred to as “new crown virus”) Since the outbreak, there have been many speculations about the cause of the disease, Academician Zhong Nanshan pointed out The virus may come from wild animals such as bamboo rats, bats, and civets. However, a rumor has recently emerged on.. Read More

Three new crown medicines have been preliminarily screened; a magnitude 5.1 earthquake in Chengdu

Yesterday, Beijing ushered in the first snow of the year of the Gengzi Rat, and the news about the new crown continues to be screened. The latest progress of Thunder God Mountain and Vulcan Mountain; details of donations from Wuhan Red Cross; Resumption of work; will the epidemic break out next … In the public opinion of group panic, individuals are also like bird of surprise, it can be said.. Read More

Under the epidemic, Haidilao decisively “fired out” behind the scenes!

The epidemic is surging. Those medical staff who are rushing to the frontline of the epidemic prevention day and night are naturally the most adorable and respectable people now. At the same time, behind them, giving them material and spiritual support is China, which is much stronger than 17 years ago. The whole of China-whether it is infrastructure such as transportation and logistics, or various technologies and advanced medical technologies… Read More

Pepsi took Le Xiang home and smoked cash red envelopes in Hong Nian. Pro test 1 yuan second push Black number is not allowed to participate

WeChat search applet: Pepsi brings home music and generates panoramas according to the guidelines! Click the red envelope in the upper right corner to win the lottery, not necessarily! The editor has won a $ 1 cash red envelope in a personal test. The black number is not allowed to participate, and the winning second will be pushed! WeChat Mini Program: Pepsi brings home music          .post-content {font-size: 15px; font-family:.. Read More