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Venture Capital Daily | “Guanghui Laser (GW)” has completed nearly RMB 100 million in Series B financing, and “Gloria” has secured tens of millions of dollars in Series A financing and early projects worthy of attention

“Venture Channel” financing news, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on. Image source | Pexels Please check the Venture Capital Daily on February 14. The Venture Capital Daily includes the financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel today, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy ~ Business Services Finance disclosure: Focus on cyber threat intelligence, and.. Read More

Meditation market continues to grow, Headspace secures new funding round of $ 93 million

Self-cultivation business. According to foreign media reports span> , an online healthcare company focused on meditation Headspace has recently received 93 million A new round of US dollar financing includes US $ 53 million in equity financing and US $ 40 million in debt financing. The company said it will use part of the funds to sell clinical trial products to increase market share; to expand into other markets, the.. Read More

Spring recruiting without contact: fresh graduates have a hard time finding a job

However, no matter how the recruitment pattern changes, after all, there are too many monks and too few porridges, and it is difficult to solve the difficulties for the majority of job seekers. They still have to wait for the “spring” to come. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account Zinc scale (ID: znkedu). Author | Xu Wei Edit | 李 觐 麟 Following the concepts of contactless.. Read More

Daily News | Gojek Xcelerate announced the third batch of members list; Tiger Global and other Indian data analysis company Innovaccer raised 70 million US dollars in financing

In addition, GGV Capital led the Indian online education platform Vedantu to complete a US $ 24 million C + round of financing; the 7-month Indian social e-commerce platform Simsim has raised US $ 16 million; Lotte Shopping Korea plans to close 30% of its stores. Latest epidemic information Li Xianlong: COVID-19 will have a “significant” impact on Singapore’s economy. According to local media reports, Singapore ’s Prime Minister Lee.. Read More

New Apple patent: configure all smart homes and set hierarchical access

When more and more start-up brands choose smart home as a starting point, the smart home ecosystem is getting richer. But many brands also have disadvantages. Each company started to build its own platform and services, and the original market became more fragmented. You can either choose a single brand family bucket, or choose the star products of each brand, and then control the apps in your phone. At the.. Read More

Remote Office Guidelines for Private Equity Financing Transactions

Do not talk about the macro environment, do not talk about the Sino-US comparison, do not talk about the black swan, do not pick up the data for ten years, and it is only for the reference of front-line partners who are doing financing. As a long-time loyal partner of a startup company in the capital market, we have conducted a detailed remote office substitution assessment of the specific issues.. Read More

Suddenly encountered a sudden question? Master the key 2 points to respond perfectly

Suddenly Big Boss asks what you think of a certain data. What can we do if the answers are not answered? Editor’s note: This article comes from Everyone is a product manager , author Stella. We will find that only about 10% of the speeches in a day can be prepared in advance, such as formal departmental meetings, work reports, etc., and the remaining 90% are random, and need to.. Read More

Take off the mask, let’s hug again!

Year ago, Tiger Sniff Young Group was preparing a new column for Young Love in 2020, hoping to record the forgotten and remembered young people in this era. love. Today is Valentine’s Day, and Tiger Sniff happened to see the comics drawn by the Founder’s Library, recording the beautiful moments of love during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and was very moved. The opening of Young Love, for everyone Founder.. Read More

Apple’s harsh policy dissatisfied iOS developers: it went our way and left us nowhere

Some app developers are increasingly reluctant to work with Apple, and they complain that Apple ’s strict rules governing the app store appear to improve their homes and services and features, not for the stability and health of the entire iOS ecosystem. Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology , and review Cheng Xi. Apple Corporation has created the iOS application ecosystem, allowing a large number of developers or.. Read More