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Koala Fund Double Happiness Comes to the Door: The invested company Hui Select Insurance has landed in US stocks, and the second phase fund successfully raised 1 billion

The Koala Fund ushered in the first IPO of Hui Select Insurance for four years, and the second phase of 1 billion new funds was launched. Faced with different entrepreneurs, the Koala Fund has its own set of criteria. First, determine whether there is a systemic opportunity in the field to which the project belongs, that is, see the big track. Secondly, we will pay attention to whether the products.. Read More

J.D. Power: Lexus ES becomes the most reliable model, with a record number of problems in 100 vehicles

The quality of three-year-old cars is better than that of previous age cars. Editor’s note: This article comes from “ Future Car Daily ” (WeChat public account ID: auto-time), author: Zhang. Author | Zhang Yi Edit | Xu Yang Car quality and reliability are issues that every car owner pays close attention to. J.D. Power, a US market research company, recently released the JD Power 2020 US Vehicle Reliability Research.. Read More

Love in the Quantum World

This article comes from: “SELF Lattice Forum” public number (ID: SELFtalks) The following is from the speech of Luo Huizhen, an associate researcher at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences: The topic I am talking about today is quantum. I brought three sets of “toys”, all of which have the same principle. Let ’s do our first experiment first. This is a circular orbit. This is a block.. Read More

“Wen Yuan Zhi Xing” released self-driving taxi Robo-Taxi trial operation report, completed 8396 travel orders in the first month

After the trial operation started, its Robo-Taxi has contributed 1.5TB of data. Today, Wen Yuan Zhixing WeRide and Wen Yuan Yuexing jointly released the first trial report of the Robo-Taxi L4 self-driving taxi. Wenyuan Yuexing is a joint venture established by Wenyuan Zhixing WeRide, Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi Group Co., Ltd. and Science City (Guangzhou) Investment Group Co., Ltd. The report states that the first month of trial operation of Wenyuan.. Read More

Finish the news in 20 seconds: The battle for transformation from Snapchat to TikTok

How to attract the z era? Let ’s take a look at the track of veteran media ’s transition to short videos. Editor ’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account. > 德 外 5 号 (ID: dewaiwuhao). Source | niemanlab, digiday Author Sarah Scire, Kerry Flynn Compile Chen Guangxiu The news media wants to know more about the younger generation of users, and moving into the platform.. Read More

Xiaomi has only one friend.

This article is from the WeChat public account: Finance and Finance (ID: caijwj) , author: moonset Wu embankment Lei Jun fired the first shot of Xiaomi’s impact on high-end mobile phones. This year is the tenth year of Xiaomi’s founding. The Chinese pay attention to this feeling. Under the pressure of the epidemic, Xiaomi yesterday (February 13) became the first domestic flagship product to be published live on the Internet.. Read More

Middle-aged and elderly diabetic people break through 80 million, sugar-free food will be worth hundreds of billions of blue ocean markets?

After the baptism of this epidemic, the health consciousness of the elderly will be strengthened, and the directions related to health, food, and health products will usher in greater development space. With the continuous increase in the number of middle-aged and elderly patients with diabetes, sugar-free foods may usher in huge development opportunities in the future. The epidemic continues, but there are signs of containment and the situation will gradually.. Read More

Two positives and one worry

Benefits and trials are here. A financial report containing Alibaba ’s latest double eleven record came. Since the fourth quarter has been its best quarter in the year, it has received more attention under the influence of the current epidemic. February 13, Alibaba released the third fiscal quarter of fiscal year 2020 as of December 30, 2019. The report shows that in the third fiscal quarter of fiscal 2020, revenue.. Read More

Does the car need a folding screen?

No need, really no need. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Geek car” (ID: GeekCar), author Dabai. Let’s start with the conclusion, no need. Of course, reaching this conclusion is just my personal opinion, and it does not mean that there will not be a folding screen in the automotive industry. Folding screens, as a hot frontier technology in the current mobile phone industry, have already achieved.. Read More

Yundi: Pseudo-venture, Real Carnival

Before moving the bustling nightclub online, some people started to continue their music online before and after the Spring Festival. In a group called “24-Hour Rock Party”, many live videos of rock bands were sent out. Slowly, the group of friends played with Yunmaijiu, Yunkai train, Yundiving, and even went live at station B, and obtained the music authorization of several bands. Soon, Modern Sky followed up and held “House.. Read More