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Who borrowed the special loan for epidemic prevention?

This article comes from: DongDongGun China Business News quoted Reuters as saying that internal staff at the Beijing Local Bank revealed that more than 300 enterprises in Beijing have applied for anti-epidemic loans, and the total amount of loans applied for is close to 60 billion yuan. On this application list, there are some names that are not the same as we expected: Internet technology companies such as Xiaomi, Meituan,.. Read More

The best choice between longer and harder is to abstain?

In 2000, there weren’t tens of millions of cars riding in the middle of the road to sleepwalk collectively. People with driving licenses really drive. There is nothing to raise the car, no vibrato, no tiger brother, no matter how big Martha Guo Meimei entered the Forbidden City, it is not as good as someone standing on the side of the road and waving to Xiali, a black plastic head.. Read More

Volvo lacks money, Geely lacks stories

This article is from the WeChat public account: Prism (ID: lengjing_qqfinance) , author: Luo Songsong, editor: Zhang Qingning Geely and Volvo’s 10-year long-distance love run is expected to be fruitful. On February 10, Geely Automobile listed in Hong Kong (00175.HK) Announced discussions with Volvo management on the integration of the two companies to form a larger automotive group. “The combination of strong and strong will further benefit both parties, while.. Read More

Nestle Greater China’s revenue last year was 48.1 billion. Condiments, coffee, ice cream, milk powder, and silver heron business were named.

Despite the slowdown in the development of the Chinese market and the decline in sales in Pakistan due to the challenging trading environment, Asia, Africa and Africa as a whole maintained stable growth. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “小食 代” (ID: foodinc) , Author He Danlin, reproduced with permission. Nearly, Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, released its full-year financial report for 2019. Nestlé’s CEO also.. Read More

Are Chinese remote software ready?

This article is from the public number: I think I ’m in the pot (ID: angelplusdevil) , author: GN, original title “ Slack and Zoom all attacked (Part 1) 》 “Our mission is to make people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive. (Our mission is to make people’s work easier and more Happy and more efficient) “ —— From the title page of the Slack prospectus “Our mission.. Read More

Is GDSA really born for PK off Google Play?

“Wolf per capita” can be paused. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Brain polar body” (ID: unity007) , the author Tibetan fox, reproduced with permission. While fighting for the epidemic, every move of the ICT giants has also affected the nerves of the industry. No, the news about the Global Developer Services Alliance GDSA in the past two days has triggered a lot of drool wars. First,.. Read More

Talk about Zhong Nanshan

The picture shows Zhong Nanshan serving as the torchbearer for the 2011 Guangzhou Olympic Games. This article comes from WeChat public account: Arima Sports (ID: youmatiyu) , author: S brother The theme of today’s story is “Zhong Nanshan”. From SARS to new pneumonia, Zhong Nanshan has once again reached the front line of the epidemic. “Zhong Nanshan said” can be seen everywhere on social media. People are convinced of what.. Read More

Envious of the shortcut function of iPhone? This app gives Android shortcuts

The shortcut function of iPhone can be described as very powerful. Many complicated operations let us solve it with one click, but with the continuous progress of the Android system, many manufacturers have gradually added simple shortcut functions. For example, Samsung’s scene mode can also set a series of actions to complete automatically; Xiaomi’s shortcut function also provides similar automated operations. But if the system does not come with it,.. Read More

Escort from Netflix to deconstruct the Southeast Asian streaming media

I wonder if Netflix can sink, and if other platforms can go up. Netflix escorted the 92nd Oscar. 1 month ago, Netflix’s hugely nominated producer for this Oscar with 24 nominations refreshed the history of Oscar nominations, but at the awards ceremony on Monday, it was a joyous event. The film “Irish”, which cost $ 175 million, failed, and only ended with the best supporting actress of “Marriage Story” and.. Read More

Israeli startup Model9 raises $ 9 million in Series A funding to help transfer data between mainframe and cloud

There is still a market for mainframes. According to foreign media reports, Israeli startup Model9 recently announced that it has received $ 9 million in Series A financing. Intel Capital led the round, and the company’s previous investors include StageOne, North First Ventures and Glenrock Israe. According to Model9, the company has now raised nearly $ 13 million. On the official website, Model9 introduces itself as a “cloud data manager.. Read More