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The Americans said to me: They are more afraid of the flu than the new crown.

This article comes from WeChat public account: World said (ID: globeusnews) , author: small World children “The threat of the new crown virus to the United States is still low.” On March 1, shortly after the first death in the United States in Washington State, US President Trump held a press conference specifically for the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia. At the press conference, Vice President Pence Reiterated.. Read More

Cognitive Iceberg

This article comes from WeChat public account: Mr. L said (ID: lxianshengmiao) , author: Lachel I like Liu Cixin’s “Three Body” very much. Some people say that the idea that Liu Cixin used in “Three-Body” can be written into a novel without any difficulty. And such ideas, in “Three Body”, actually appeared in dozens or hundreds. It can only be described as “luxury”. But many people may overlook a detail:.. Read More

Should I choose office software to “satisfy the boss” or “satisfy the employees”?

What is the largest office software in China? The answer may make you feel unexpected and reasonable: In 2017, Penguin Think Tank released a research report on WeChat users: As of 2016, more than half of the new friends of users came from pan-work relationships, 80% The above users have job-related behaviors on WeChat. “National Software” WeChat is simple and easy to use. It has become the first choice for.. Read More

Google is difficult to be the “number one player”

Author | Huang Qingchun Title map | Oriental IC Yesterday (March 4) , Jed Raymond, Studio Games Entertainment Director ( Jade Raymond) announces: Shannon Stadir (Shannon Studstill) will lead Google’s game studio Stadia Games and Entertainment in the Playa Vista community in Los Angeles. Previously, Stadir was the head of Sony game development. It happened that Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica Studio was also located in Playa Vista. It was.. Read More

In the post-epidemic era, marketing 4P is useless?

How Brands Achieve Digital Survival ) , author: look for empty 2009. In Digital Survival, published in 1996, author Negroponte tells a story about data: One day Negroponte visited the headquarters of a company that is one of the largest integrated circuit manufacturers in the United States. When checking in at the front desk, the receptionist asked him what the model, serial number and value of the computer he was.. Read More

It has been a month since the telecommuting for the whole people. Is it cool after resuming work?

The focus of the Industrial Internet has begun to shift from IT infrastructure to organizational management and business management of the enterprise’s internal value chain. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account ” Bay Area box CLUB “(ID 🙂 , author: zgcgdg. Bay Area Box BAYBOX original Author | DONG Edit | XUGUOGUO As of March 3, the “remote office” model of most domestic companies has lasted for.. Read More

In 2020, how far are we from “flying”? Inventory of the global flying taxi market

This article comes from WeChat public account: Silicon Valley Insight (ID: guigudiyixian) , author: Frank Chen What is a flying taxi? Earlier this year, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, USA, Hyundai Motor Corporation (Hyundai Motors) showed the prototype of the flying taxi co-developed with Uber, and further demonstrated to the public through virtual reality devices that driving in this concept model is one.. Read More

Product manager meets “noisy” workplace relationships

Where there are people, there are editors of rivers and lakes Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Kevin changes the world” Kevingbsjddd) , author: Kevin bit change the world. During the special period of the epidemic, several product managers who wanted to leave were still looking at opportunities. Even though it may be difficult at this stage, I still want to break away from the “haunting” workplace.. Read More

Warm winter plan 丨 Fortis Technology provides remote operation and maintenance and intelligent guidance products for free

The outbreak has been a major blow to SMEs. Many companies are stubbornly helping themselves but most of them are in vain. 85% of them can’t support it for 3 months. Employee salaries and five insurances and one fund are the biggest expenses, followed by rents. Faced with survival challenges: lack of personnel, frequent supplies, and tight funding. 36kr companies help companies to innovate and help to fight innovation. Under.. Read More