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Chinese “Musk” Knockouts

Author: Zhang dedication. The spread of the epidemic globally has prevented people from traveling, but has not stopped people from exploring space. Recently, there has been news about space. On March 9th, the Long March No. 3 “Beidou Special Train” ignited and escorted the 54th Beidou satellite successfully into orbit, leaving Beidou’s global network only one step away. One day later, the Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Center completed the wireless.. Read More

Interview | Dialogue iRobot CEO: Home robots will “grow” arms in 5-8 years

They can both understand home space and move freely, and may be the first to open the door to the intelligent era. A “#broomchallenge” (# 立 扫把 挑战) swept through the social network the day before yesterday. Netizens around the world are keen to take pictures of their brooms standing up without support. Word of mouth: This inspiration comes from NASA, and behind it is a mysterious cosmic gravity and.. Read More

Final Battle: Byte Beat Jump Attack on Tencent Game

Fighting blitz with traffic Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Blade Knife Finance” (ID: niudaocaijing) author: Zhao Tao Tao. Affected by the new crown epidemic, the Chinese gaming industry unexpectedly ushered in a small climax in the beginning of 2020, and in the middle there was an opportunity to overtake the curve. With huge traffic and strong channels, bytes are beating and waiting for opportunities to.. Read More

Provides voice interaction tools for developers, Finnish company “Speechly” completes 2 million Euro seed round financing

The founding team has been involved in the development of Siri and Amazon’s smart voice assistant Alexa According to foreign media reports , Finnish voice interaction technology developer” Speechly “recently completed a € 2 million seed round financing. This round of financing was led by Cherry Ventures in Berlin, followed by Seedcamp, Quantum Angels, Joyance Partners, Social Starts, and The financing will be used for technology research and development.. Read More

Morning Post | iOS14 code exposure Apple new product / Dyson launched the first hair straightener / Alipay “transformation”

Number of outbreaks on March 11 As of 8:00 on March 11, the National Health Commission received a total of 80,935 confirmed cases from the country, 17,580 confirmed cases, 3,140 dead cases, and 60,215 cured cases. iOS14 code exposes new Apple products 9To5Mac news, according to the unreleased iOS 14 system code, the leaked new hardware includes iPhone 9 (also called iPhone SE2), new iPad Pro, Apple TV, AirTag “Bluetooth.. Read More

Focus analysis | Finally, we can buy IKEA on Tmall

On the day of entering Tmall, the official IKEA App was also launched. As an online channel, the official IKEA App and Tmall flagship store will complement each other in the future to jointly promote the transformation of IKEA. After years of struggling e-commerce attempts, IKEA has finally taken an important step. On March 10th, IKEA officially entered Tmall and opened the world’s first online official flagship store on a.. Read More

First | Meet the curriculum needs of “de-primary” kindergarten, “Code Planet” completed angel + round financing

The company provides teacher training, software and hardware resources empower programming education in traditional scenarios. It is learned that the online quality education company “Code Planet” has completed a new round of financing. “Code Planet” was founded in 2017 and completed the ten million-level angel round financing in early 2019. The company’s CEO Qiu Xueying said that the new round of financing will be used to expand the company’s C-end.. Read More

Alipay transformed, changing from homepage to positioning

With this revision, Alipay has changed its thinking to increase the frequency of user use-from a tool to a life service platform Editor’s note: This article comes from Interface news . Author | Xiaoxiao Chen Xiao Fang Edit | Wen Qi Qi Alipay has changed. At the Alipay Partner Conference on March 10th, Alipay announced that it would upgrade from a financial payment platform to an open platform for digital.. Read More

Which gust of wind will Apple bring?

Apple ’s 16-inch MacBook Pro has been well received since its launch. Many people are looking forward to the 14-inch update. From the current news, the new 14-inch MacBook Pro is not only a change in size, but also Introduce a new technology to Apple’s product line. In December last year, Mingfeng Guo, an analyst at Tianfeng International Securities, released a report a> It is pointed out that Apple is.. Read More