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Litchi released Q4 and full-year financial report for 2019: solid revenue growth, monthly active users in the fourth quarter increased by 34% year-on-year

Lichi founder and CEO Lai Yilong said in the conference call that the company will continue to increase the vitality of the user-originated content community, including the introduction of new product features, such as voice blogs, and the optimization of operational tools to provide incentives for content creators To inspire the creation and distribution of rich long tail content. On March 12th, Eastern Time, Litchi (NASDAQ: LIZI), the UGC audio.. Read More

The nursing homes in the epidemic were “isolated” for 48 days

From panic and loneliness to looking forward to tomorrow This kind of health problem, a little improper management will become the “storm eye” in the epidemic. From January 26th (the first day of the first month) to the closure of the park, to March 13th (February 20th), the Beijing Suiyuan Pension Center has passed the isolation and closure period for 48 days. (Beijing Suiyuan Pension Center is full of publicity.. Read More

Can hold 1 million people for online meetings at the same time? Indian online conference platform “ Airmeet ” receives $ 3 million in seed funding

The online conference platform brings great convenience to people’s life and work. Airmeet online conference platform According to foreign media Siliconindia report, India Airmeet Raise Rs 222 crore (approximately US $ 3 million) seed round financing, led by Accel India, span> VentureHighway, Global Founders Capital, AngelList, LetsVenture, Sequoia Scout, and Digital angel investors participate. In this round of financing, the company will be used to enhance the technology infrastructure of.. Read More

“Human Interest” received US $ 40 million in Series C financing, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for SME pension plans

Management of pension plans can also be performed through Saas software. According to foreign media FinSMEs It is reported that the United States Human Interest raised US $ 40 million in Series C financing, led by Oberndorf Enterprises and LLC. In this round of financing, the company will use it to improve its products and technologies, recruit more professionals for the team, and establish partnerships with more companies. Human Interest.. Read More

Liu Ren: Starve to death journalist

Painting can be left blank. 9. Liang Ning likes emotional text. In fact, 1, 2, and 3 are very suitable for expression: close-up + close-up + close-up = montage = movie. It’s just too time-consuming to write close-ups. I only promised Liang Ning that in January I wrote a text entitled “Yu Ye Gu Deng’s black hair”. 10.1, 2, 3 are sticky notes. They do not consume resources like opening.. Read More

Four theoretical thinking foundations for brand strategy projects

Strategy is a hypothesis for the future Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Brand Geometry” (ID: brand- vista) , author: Jun geometry. Gejun has something to say: Why do we make a brand? Because everyone does not like being the same as others, they all have to be differentiated, that is, they are different; it is important that they are not only different but also different; at.. Read More

Epidemic fired firing gun, Alipay turned on “change face”

On March 10th, Alipay held the first Alipay Partner Conference in the form of live broadcast. The special conference during the epidemic period is directly related to the impact of the epidemic development. According to Hu Xiaoming, CEO of Ant Financial Services Group, since January 26, have 200,000 merchants quickly entered the market through takeaways? Are there tens of thousands of roadside shops, catering companies, five-star hotels, and even art.. Read More

Sailing Daily | India startup financing cycle slows; Facebook launches community accelerator program in many African countries

Grab and German financial services provider Wirecard have established a partnership in Southeast Asia; Japan’s VC JAFCO’s sixth flagship fund has completed $ 760 million in financing. India India startup financing cycles have slowed. According to ET Tech, the growth and subsequent financing of Indian startups may be hit due to the outbreak. According to Rajan Anandan of Sequoia Capital, the financing cycle will start to slow down and be.. Read More

Why is comedy so ugly right now?

162318421045.png? ImageView2 / 2 / w / 1000 / format / jpg / interlace / 1 / q / 85 “data-w =” 815 “data-h =” 401 “> The performer that Bundi saw was dressed as a monk. First, he knelt on the ground and read a sutra to everyone with the help of Hiqu. Then the rich guests began to embarrass the “monk” intentionally and gave him Ordered four large.. Read More

The industry chain is moving out of China. Why is this a good thing?

Some people worry that the international industrial chain will move out of China, and the hottest markets are Vietnam, India and other countries. Many people compare the quality of workers and supporting industries in these countries with China. This is equivalent to treating China as a country with a low level of development. This perspective is itself wrong. China’s success cannot be replicated by just one developing country. Will the.. Read More