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After witnessing dozens of IPOs, we have summarized these 7 experiences

Here are 7 practical tips on choosing a listing place and intermediary. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Futu-Ease” (ID: futu-ie) , author: rich professional and reliable way of ease. In recent years, with the continuous maturity of early-stage investment companies in the Chinese venture capital industry, a large number of new economic companies have reached the stage of IPO. Due to the restrictions of the domestic.. Read More

This time, Chinese technology companies outperformed their foreign counterparts

This article is from WeChat public account: I am Nanqidao (ID: nanqidao33) , author: South seven, drawing questions from: IC photo As of today, coronaviruses have appeared in 114 countries and regions, nearly 120,000 people have been diagnosed, and 4291 people have died. The WHO announced: “The coronavirus has constituted a pandemic.” It emphasizes that this conclusion is not arbitrary. As the virus spreads, governments, social organizations, and people are.. Read More

Forefront 丨 Global epidemic spreads, European and American car companies’ efforts this month have been frustrated again

The LMC noted that volatility will persist until 2021 until signs of a global epidemic containment. The new crown virus has become a global pandemic, and the global auto market outside China has been impacted. According to Reuters, market data analysis agency LMC Automotive has lowered its U.S. auto sales forecast for 2020 to 16.5 million units. This year, global light vehicle sales will be reduced by 4% to 86.4.. Read More

Catching fugitives and getting bounty, how amazing is this “2020’s strongest financial software”?

When I saw “People’s Bounty” on the Internet as “the strongest financial management software in 2020”, I was very excited. I missed “Fitness Ring Adventure” and can’t miss “People’s Bounty” again! The name of the software makes it easy to think of a common occupation in the game “Bounty Hunter”. As the name suggests, it is someone who hunts criminals for a bounty, and “People’s Bounty” seems to adopt a.. Read More

Buffett: I have lived for 89 years and I have never seen such a scene

“Those unpredictable major rare events that have changed everything unexpectedly.” —— “Black Swan” On March 9th, the US stock market “melted out.” On March 10, “Share God” Buffett said in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Finance: The Dow Jones index plummeted more than 2,000 points, triggering a fuse. At the age of 89, he had never seen such a scene, and the market was stunned. In the first three months.. Read More

Philippine online gambling industry to be cool?

This article is from the WeChat public account: Moton Ventures (ID: MomentumWorks) < span class = "text-remarks">, picture from: IC photo The Philippines has also recently had problems after Cambodia ’s massive online cleanup last August. Br The Philippines currently issues a total of 60 offshore gaming licenses, each of which can be used for 5 sublicenses. There are currently more than 200 legal operators. Of course, judging by the.. Read More

Over 50,000 employment gaps, talent competition in education

Under the battle for talents, technical and tutor posts are particularly hot. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “multi HowNet” (ID: duozhiwang) , Author: Sun Yingying. “The war for talent”, which was staged in various industries, is now coming to the education industry. On February 21, “2020 New Oriental Global Joint Spring Campus Recruitment” was officially launched. New Oriental said it would recruit more than 3,000.. Read More

Attention game companies: forward, 315 is here

What should gaming consumers think of 315? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Mobile Games That Point” (ID: sykong_com) , author: Zhangchang Qian, Luo Chujian. On March 3, the Chinese Consumers Association issued a notice through its official website that “Online game operators should effectively protect consumers’ legitimate rights and interests.” Coinciding with 315, in accordance with past practice, the competent administrative organ will strengthen supervision.. Read More

Subversive ambush in Wuhan Imaging Branch

Production | Tiger Sniff Technology Group Author | 石 晗 旭 Cover | Visual China Spring is here. The number of new and suspected cases of new coronary pneumonia in China has been declining, and the number of cures has been rising. The official closing of 16 square cabin hospitals also brought Wuhan one step closer to getting rid of the worst-hit areas. As a member of the frontline medical.. Read More