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Industry growth double helix

Spare parts database with “Google search function” for accurate part finding. At present, the platform has been able to achieve a satisfaction rate of more than 98.5% for all categories. Baibu, which has cut in from the textile transaction connection, has further extended its business upstream and set about integrating the excess capacity of the upstream textile factory. This is tantamount to accessing a number of new roles in their.. Read More

Shanghai Daily News | Mastercard to partner with Samsung; YES Bank shares soar 58%

And, affected by the epidemic, Brazilian regulators approved the extension of the IPO; Latin American takeaway unicorn Rappi launched the Rappi Mall service delivered within one hour. India YES Bank shares are up 58%. According to ET, the share price of YES Bank rose by 58% on Monday. The bank, which had been hit by the crisis, allocated 10 billion rupees (approximately 135 million) to 7 private banks, Indian state.. Read More

Diagnosing lung diseases with AI technology, lung imaging analysis provider “Vida Diagnostics” raises $ 11 million in Series C funding

Diagnosing lung diseases with AI technology “Vida Diagnostics” official website According to foreign media It is reported that recently, the lung imaging analysis provider “ Vida Diagnostics ” has received $ 11 million in Series C financing < / strong>, this round of financing was led by First Analysis Corporation, Blue Heron Capital and UnityPoint Health Ventures and existing investors Next Level Ventures, Chartline Capital Partners, Rural Vitality Fund, Rittenhouse.. Read More

10 European startups use AI black technology to kill fake news and rumors in the cradle

There may be more fake news in the future, and AI technology is very meaningful to identify the emergence of fake news. Did everyone have brushed up on such false news: a new medicine developed abroad can extend people’s life by 30%; smoking can effectively prevent new coronavirus pneumonia; eating soy sauce will make the skin black … … Science, a top international journal in 2018, also pointed out that.. Read More

Frontline 丨 Invested a billion euro team of 1,000 people, Audi L3 autonomous driving project finally aborted

It is a pity to abandon it, and it is not used properly. A few days ago, according to the car news, Audi has officially cancelled the L3 level autonomous driving research and development project at the end of 2019, and hundreds of employees of its team have turned to L2 and L4 level autonomous driving technology development. Confirmed from an informed person of the parts company of the Audi.. Read More

There are more than 100 million domestic Nissan masks, and manufacturers are seeking export.

This article is from the WeChat public account: Interface News (ID: wowjiemian) , of: gold Miao, the subject map from: IC photo According to data from Johns Hobkins University in the United States, as of 20:15 EST on the 14th, 156,102 cases have been diagnosed worldwide. The global outbreak has also brought a crisis in the supply of masks worldwide. On March 5th, local time in the United States, the.. Read More

Why is your luck so bad?

Want to change our luck, do we have to burn incense and worship the horoscope? If we break the superstition, we only use a scientific perspective, is there any way that can actually improve our luck? Can luck be changed? Success = Skill + Luck Through the last lesson, we know that the world is actually divided into left and right sides: The left side is more deterministic, and the.. Read More

Earnings release: Jay Chou and Tencent Music, will users pay sooner or later?

Paid singles such as “Say Well, Don’t Cry” are all over the Internet. Many people have been fanned by Tencent’s music circle, and their music revenue growth rate is also exceeding the growth rate of content costs. Can Tencent Music usher in an inflection point in stock prices in 2020? Editor’s note: This article is from Huasheng College, author Oliver; published with permission. Tencent Music will release the fourth quarter.. Read More

Explaining Best Express: Is the strategy of trading the market at a low price really good?

This article is from the WeChat public account: Deep Capital (ID: deep_insights) , author: Wang Cai Bao, formerly titled “network paralysis? Violent sorting? Detailed explanation of Best Express’s financial report: Is the strategy of trading the market at a low price really good? 》, Title picture: original picture When SF’s annual revenue exceeded 100 billion yuan and JD Logistics received the thanks from Zhong Nanshan, Best Express became the focus.. Read More

Career choice is really not a matter of one person!

This article comes from WeChat public account: caoz’s nightmare (ID: caozsay) , author: caozsay In fact, there are really many choices for young people to consult the workplace. Whether it is consulting me or other big Vs, such as I often go to Shuai Zhang, or Feng Dahui ’s knowledge planet, I will encounter a lot of them. problem. But in fact, many times, when choosing a career, young people.. Read More