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Open source: from “rejuvenation” to “commercialization”

This article comes from WeChat public account: I think about the pot and I’m at (ID: angelplusdevil) , author: I think I pot in GN At the end of the disapproval of IPO, to see the commercial truth of “AI First Share”, my first suggestion to disregarding open source is to open source the deep learning framework. News reports said: Quenco announced that it will officially open source its deep.. Read More

Why are there so many Zhejiang people in Italy?

This article is from the WeChat public account: 瞭望 智库 (ID: zhczyj) , author: Xie aryl, Editor: Dai Lili, LIU Jun-qing, from the head of FIG: IC photo According to the latest data released by the Italian Ministry of Health on March 23, local time, there are currently 50418 cases of New Coronavirus patients in Italy, 6077 deaths, 7432 cures, and a total of 63,927 confirmed New Coronavirus infections. As.. Read More

Why Vietnam, with its average level of medical and health care, is impressive in terms of epidemic prevention?

This article comes from WeChat public account: Tencent News-Atomic Think Tank (ID: AtomThinkTank) , this article is the second of the Atomic Think Tank “Global War Plague Revelation” series planning, the previous article in this series was: 《Only 20 days How does South Korea contain the new crown virus? “ , Author: Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences researcher Gu Xiaosong Vietnam, which is connected to China’s mountains and rivers and.. Read More

New crown vaccine global competition, who is the dragon knife to end the disease?

This article is from the WeChat public account: Nutshell (ID: Guokr42) , author: Wuguai Fortunately, the first map from the “Washington Post” On March 16, 2020, the American biotechnology company Moderna announced that it had received FDA approval to officially begin clinical trials of a vaccine against the new crown pneumonia virus. The first volunteer has received the first dose of injection in Seattle. On the second day, the Chinese.. Read More

We don’t want this world to be an enlarged version of Room N.

The title picture is from IC photo, photo background: November 23, 2017, Rome, Italy. 100 white cardboard cut out of female images were used for ” “Mute” protests, each with a piece of paper telling the story of a female victim of violence, and the protest will continue until November 25 (International Day for the Elimination of Women’s Violence). In the first 10 months of 2017, 114 women were reportedly.. Read More

Outlook for 2020 | Corporate Services: The epidemic is ripe for “nail-to-fly”, and the battle for giant To B is also a battle for traffic

Who says no traffic is needed on the B side? Tencent has WeChat; Ali has an Amoy system; Byte sits on the content empire and uses the C-end play as the B-end. The giant To B also has to kill a bloody road. There is no doubt that the biggest opportunity for the corporate services market this year is in mobile office. The epidemic that lasted for two months surged.. Read More

GMV will increase about 12 times in 2019

Is there still an opportunity between “matching” and “direct management”? The domestic epidemic situation has improved. After experiencing a severe shortage of service personnel and a sharp drop in on-site service orders, the domestic service industry has begun to recover. Some people believe that the epidemic has strengthened the health awareness of enterprises and residents, and may drive the growth of health-related daily necessities and related service industries. iiMedia Research.. Read More

Offline retail pharmacies, sitting on the “fisherman’s profit” after the outbreak of Internet medical treatment

This article is from WeChat public account: Guotai Junan Securities Research (ID: gtjaresearch) , author: GTJAS medicine team, FIG head source: IC photo Online diagnosis and treatment + offline medicine collection, this O2O medical treatment scene covered by the full medical insurance has entered the fast track of development under the epidemic. However, in addition to the Internet medical companies that have received great attention from the market, the Guotai.. Read More

Cirque du Soleil lays off 95%, domestic “scalper” transforms and sells barbecues, and the tourism performing arts industry looks forward to a full recovery

The new crown epidemic continued to spread, and the Cirque du Soleil, known as the “National Treasure of Canada,” also encountered a full suspension of performances, which led to the company’s dilemma. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Blowfish Cultural Travel” (ID: hetunwenlv) , author: Mark Lee. On March 19, Cirque du Soleil announced that affected by the epidemic, the Group will launch a new round.. Read More