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With this technology modeling, human beings can scientifically identify what is innovation

Introduction: How to measure technical complexity? By modeling technology as a composite network, a paper proposes a new method of using structural diversity as a quantification of technical complexity. It is based on the improvement of the network diversity score of the complex network measurement, and can calculate the complexity index of different technical networks , And effectively distinguish between complex technology, medium technology and simple technology. The results of.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | “Spitz” completed a 410 million yuan round of financing, “Fast Rabbit Logistics” completed a 100 million yuan round of financing, and today’s early projects worthy of attention

The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel, as well as early start-up projects in various fields we are focusing on. Image source | Pexels Please check the Venture Capital Daily on April 7. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel today, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy ~ Technology Project report: Relying on.. Read More

How to spread information throughout the network? The secret of the 10w + article needs further study

This article is from WeChat public account: Jizhi Club (ID: swarma_org) , author: Guo Ruidong Introduction Every time we see a rumor, we will sigh why the spread of rumors can be faster and wider than when we read rumors. Recently, a research team composed of Alessandro Vespignani, a complex network scholar from Northeastern University, published a paper in Nature Physics to try to answer this question. The researchers first.. Read More

Young people who live in rental houses and live in “moving forest”

In the hottest Nintendo game, there is a group of young people who want a big house The new day begins with jumping up and down on “No Manuscript Island”. The peaches on the island and the transplanted oranges were ripe, covered with treetops, and fell after shaking. The lilies and hyacinths planted with great care also hybridized into the desired color, and caught the “human face stink bug” among.. Read More

From Xiaotangshan to Vulcan Mountain, what is a good medical building?

This article is from WeChat public account: Yixi (ID: yixiclub) , author: Hao race, Associate Professor of architecture and urban planning Institute of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and architecture 100 years ago Mr. Wu Liande said, “Beijing, as the first district of goodness, has been noted in the outside world, but hospitals that seek beauty and beauty are not available.” A hundred years later, has the environmental quality of.. Read More

In the coming year, 25 million people may be unemployed. How can the Great Recession find another way out?

The title picture is from Visual China, this article is from WeChat public account: FastCompany (ID: FCChinese) , author: Elizabeth Saige Lan, translation: Limei Yu The epidemic pressed the pause button for the global economy: from Austria to the United States, the number of unemployed surged everywhere, reflecting from one side the worst economic recession in peacetime since the 1930s. The ILO warns that if the epidemic is not controlled,.. Read More

Use these 5 “thinking experiments” to improve your thinking skills

We have only ten boxes in our life. Shenyi Translation Bureau is its compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Einstein’s “relativity” not only changed the time-space view of the scientific and technological world, but even influenced the 20th century human philosophy of the universe. But “Relativity” was not born in the laboratory,.. Read More

You rarely notice that billionaires have these 7 “lucky”

Make sure that at least 5 of the following 7 points are beneficial to you wind direction. Editor’s note: In addition to hard work, billionaires always have luck that ordinary people do not have, such as timing, social factors, geographic location, etc … not only at the individual level, but also at the company level. This article was published on Medium by David O., the original title of All Billionaires.. Read More

Yes, human playing mahjong will also lose to AI

This article comes from the WeChat public account: the heart of the machine (ID: almosthuman2014) , author: Almost Human, the subject map from the IC photo At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference at the end of August last year, Shen Xiangyang, then Microsoft ’s global executive vice president, officially announced the Mahjong AI “Suphx” developed by Microsoft Research Asia. Recently, all technical details about Suphx have been officially announced. After.. Read More

Do I have to stay in business for 14 days? In the post-epidemic period, business people can’t help but guide

A business travel guide for business people. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Matrix Partners” (ID: matrixpartnerschina) , Author: Jingwei Venture Capital Homepage. With the gradual improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, various places have also resumed work one after another. At the same time, overseas outbreaks have become severe again, and local cases have reappeared in Beijing, Guangzhou, Henan and other places after the number.. Read More