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Live broadcast | Luo Yonghao brings live goods for the second time, selling oranges for Hubei

What will happen to Luo Yonghao this time? At 8 o’clock tonight, Luo Yonghao started the second live broadcast with goods. After the last live broadcast, he said that this live broadcast is worthy of consumers, but sorry for the audience. What will happen to Luo Yonghao this time? Like the last time, it was broadcasted by Luo Yonghao and Zhu Xiaomu together. It may be that the audience of.. Read More

Yu Yongding: We still need to determine the target for economic growth, but we must fully consider the impact of the epidemic

Chinese economists have analyzed the causes and consequences of the US stock market crash in detail and provided a lot of information. This article combs the causes of the US stock market crash and the causes and consequences of the US government’s adoption of a series of policies, and tries to find out the internal logic. Reviewing the evolution of the US subprime mortgage crisis: Financial crisis triggered economic recession.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | “Qiyu Biology” received tens of millions of A + rounds of financing, “Saturn Technology” received 10 million yuan of Pre-A financing, and early projects worth paying attention

The financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel, as well as early start-up projects in various fields we are focusing on. Image source | Pexels Please check the April 10 Venture Capital Daily. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel today, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy ~ Business services Project report Provide micro-isolated.. Read More

What’s so scary about the open game “Motion”?

Article source: Haitongshe (ID: lifeissohappy ) , author: book Air Do you need some fun to fight against the epidemic? “Animal Forest Friends” (Animal Crossing) may be the best choice. It seems to be popular overnight, social networks are full of strange games and videos, companies use its lenses for marketing, and health departments also use it to promote “stay at home, don’t go out.” The reason why these strange.. Read More

How does Qingyimei make me willing to pay? | Current consumption

When it comes to medical beauty, what would you think of first? Bone cutting, prosthesis, or gauze head? However, there are a group of medical beauty methods that are becoming fast-food, that is: “light medical beauty”. At present, Qingyimei is rapidly rising at a compound annual growth rate that doubles every three years. In the end, is “light medical beauty” a pit, why are we willing to pay for it?.. Read More

Knowing that “Motion” is a game, why do so many people “move the truth”?

Professor of Dialogue Philosophy Lan Jiang: It’s not that games are like life, but that life is more and more like a game. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Tengyun” (ID: tenyun700) , author : Lan Jiang, professor of the philosophy department of Nanjing University; released with permission. In the past month, a group of people may have suddenly appeared in your circle of friends: they.. Read More

How much do asymptomatic infections and pet infections affect the New Crown War?

This article is from: Science and Technology Yuan, the title map is from: IC photo After the asymptomatic infection of the new coronavirus was discovered, everyone was very worried that this would become a hidden danger and would cause a second outbreak of the epidemic. But in fact, no matter from the scientific analysis or the actual situation, asymptomatic infected people will not have much impact on the current anti-epidemic.. Read More

The most wild sideline: “love” can also be sold, monthly income 40,000+

If you just need a sideline, hurry up and see! Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “dimensional small vitamin” (ID: Weixiaowei6) , author: Victoria small vitamins key creative. Slashes have become part of our lives. According to the data from the recruitment website “2019 Mid-year Workplace Inventory Report”, About 8.2% of the workforce have slash income. mentioned here The “slash” is not a computer symbol “/”,.. Read More

Head of Cainiao International Europe: Cross-border e-commerce logistics orders have returned to pre-epidemic levels

In April 10th, Bu Hua, head of Cainiao International ’s European region, said in an online interview with media including Peng Mei News that cross-border logistics and overseas warehouses from China to the world still remain in operation, and cross-border e-commerce logistics Orders have been restored to pre-epidemic levels. Affected by the epidemic, many cross-border logistics lines have melted. Cainiao International Network is one of the few global logistics networks.. Read More

Gaining angel round financing from Ali executives, “One Mu Children’s Library” hopes to establish a Chinese graded reading system

The self-developed graded readings have a long investment cycle, and there is plenty of room for imagination in the domestic market. With the promotion of the new college entrance examination reform in 2017, the proportion of reading in school education and examinations has continued to increase. The enthusiasm of Dao, Chinese graded readings derived from big languages ​​have also received a lot of attention in the past two years and.. Read More