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Using data to tell you why China has no food crisis?

Article source: Graph Finance (ID: tucaijing8) , author: Tucson breaking pattern, ah, thematic map source: vision China People take food as the sky. Food is the prerequisite for human survival. Even in a modern society with advanced technology, the importance of food for maintaining social stability and national development is self-evident. And metaphor. However, in recent years, global extreme weather has increased, and pests and diseases have become more frequent… Read More

The China Securities Regulatory Commission issued IPO approvals for 5 companies: three persons, Beijing North, etc.

On the evening of April 10, the CSRC approved the initial applications of the following companies according to legal procedures: Xiangyang Changyuan Donggu Industrial Co., Ltd., Sanxing Media Group Co., Ltd., Beijing North Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Hunan Yu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Xi’an Perry Power Semiconductor Converter Technology Co., Ltd. The above-mentioned enterprises and their underwriters will negotiate with the exchange to determine the issuance schedule.. Read More

OPEC + talks for 10 hours without reaching an agreement, and global attention turns to North American oil-producing countries

After more than 10 hours of video talks, the unexpectedly smooth OPEC + emergency meeting at the beginning failed to reach a final collaborative production reduction agreement, and the production reduction was not as close as the market expected. In the early hours of April 10th, Beijing time, international crude oil futures prices fluctuated violently with the progress of negotiations. After the two major protagonists of the price war, Saudi.. Read More

After retaliatory price increases, the catering industry is even harder

It is difficult for the catering industry to rise or not. Hot pot, barbecue, crayfish … Looking at the shocking numbers on the price list, many people quietly clenched their wallets. Recently, a Beijing diner posted a menu on Weibo, “220+ per capita, half-blood rose from 16 to 23 yuan, eight small slices; half a slice of potato chips was 13 yuan, and a piece of potatoes was 1.5 yuan,.. Read More

China Aviation Association responds to “sky-high international ticket”: resolutely opposes violations of consumer rights

@ 中国 民航 网 On April 10th, the number of international flights was greatly reduced due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. In response to the recent public and industry response to the issue of rising international airfare prices and “sky-high airfare” issues, the head of the Air Transport Sales Agency Branch of the China Aviation Association issued a statement on April 10, staunchly opposed individual passenger.. Read More

iOS 14 is going to be overhauled!

This article comes from the WeChat public account: qubit (ID: QbitAI) , author: white cross, from the title FIG unsplash The new iPhone will have to wait, but iOS 14 has a wave of new features. Interesting things are: “mini-program”, access to Alipay, home screen layout big change ……… And the unstoppable “Androidization” follow suit: access to third-party wallpapers, call pop-ups … I do n’t know what Jobs thought after.. Read More

What is the flow logic of Douyin, Kuaishou, Taobao, Tencent Live? | Super view

The “distribution according to work” in the live broadcast industry is always reserved for a small number of “risk” people. Look at business with perspective. Super views, from the frontier observations of new business practitioners. Special Observer | Zhuang Shuai Live broadcast e-commerce is getting hotter and hotter. Even after reading the live broadcast e-commerce report of China Merchants Securities, Luo Yonghao announced a high-profile entry into live e-commerce and.. Read More

Switch can’t afford it, LV doesn’t need money

Published | Tiger Sniff Business Group Author | Cuba Libre Title map | INS account “ crossingtherunway” Switch and Dong Sen (“Let’s gather! Animal Friends”) has become a frequent visitor on hot searches. Before today ’s delisting rumors, there has been news of Japan ’s out of stock on the Switch: Nintendo announced that all its NS (Nintendo Switch) < / span> Game console shipments will be suspended this week,.. Read More

SpaceX delays launching satellites for the US Space Force due to the new crown epidemic

After the Argentine radar satellite, another SpaceX space mission was postponed due to a new coronary pneumonia outbreak. The US Space Force Space and Missile Systems Center has decided to reschedule the launch of the GPS III SV03 satellite from Cape Canaveral Air Force Base in Florida to reduce new coronary pneumonia Potential impact on launchers and orbit operators. The GPS III SV03 satellite was originally planned to be launched.. Read More

From monthly income 8k to 23.63 yuan: your impulse teaches you what reality is

Think more about the future and do less about self-destruction. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Glass Language Professional Beauty” (ID: crystal_words) , author : Zhao Xiaoli. Written in front: We all expect life to be good, but in reality life is not good; We all expect work to be comfortable, but in reality every job has its own hardships and difficulties. Boss reprimands, customer complaints,.. Read More