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On the list of US entities, what are the three types of Chinese technology companies?

Producer: Tiger Sniff Technology Group Author: Yu Duotian Header image from Google Just in Beijing Looking at the new batch of 33 Chinese technology companies that have just been included in the US “Entity List”, it reminds me suddenly of the Guizhou Big Data Summit held in June 2017. Li Yanhong and Ma Yun had a parallel forum A viewpoint confrontation: Ma Yun said that data is the raw material.. Read More

360 response was included in the “entity list” by the United States: opposed to politicizing technology R & D

In response to the announcement on the 22nd that the US Department of Commerce announced the inclusion of multiple Chinese companies such as Qihoo 360 on the “Entity List”, just now, 360 sent a statement to the editorial board of Global Network, stating that it firmly opposes irresponsibility Accused and opposed the US Department of Commerce ’s politicization of business activities and technological R & D. 360 emphasizes that no.. Read More

What does it mean to “strategize according to the city”, will housing prices fall or rise?

“Insist on the positioning of the house for living, not for speculation, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market according to the city’s policies.” This is the statement about “housing” in this year’s government work report. It is understood that this is the second time in the government work report that “housing and housing is not speculated”, and again “housing and housing is not speculated”,.. Read More

The international problem behind the new crown vaccine

This article comes from the WeChat public account: The Gates Foundation (ID: gatesfoundation) , author: Lee Snow, Word problems from: vision China I have entered my sixth year at the Gates Foundation. One of the feelings of the past few years is that although Bill Gates ’s name is a household name, most people do n’t know what the Gates Foundation does, why, and how. The reason is actually very.. Read More

What are the special meanings of the two “1 trillion yuan”?

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 23, the fiscal deficit increased by 1 trillion yuan, and anti-epidemic special government bonds were issued 1 trillion yuan. As soon as this year’s government work report came out, the two “1 trillion yuan” quickly occupied the headlines of the major media and made a special eye-catching. Some people have calculated the accounts: after adding 1 trillion yuan, this year ’s deficit reached 3.76 trillion.. Read More

Musk launched 42,000 satellites, why are astronomers saying No?

This article comes from the WeChat official account: Made (ID: xingshu100) , the picture from: Visual China On the evening of November 18, 2019, Northwestern University (Northwestern University) astronomer Cliff Johnson (Cliff Johnson) using a telescope to measure two very dim dwarf galaxies (Magellan Cloud) , suddenly found a large group of strange objects across the sky, and traces left in the camera. A large group of strange objects cross.. Read More

It is obviously inappropriate to blindly compare Ali with Pinduoduo

Source | iFeng Technology (ID : Ifeng_tech) Author | Xue Xingxing Editor | Yu Hao 1 If it were n’t for the financial report on the same day as Pinduoduo, Ali ’s share price might not have fallen so much. On the evening of yesterday (May 22) Beijing time, Alibaba and Pinduoduo released the financial report for the previous quarter. Ali, who has not announced the GMV for a long.. Read More

Tesla China’s business scope adds new generation, transmission, and power supply businesses

Tesla’s photovoltaic business has been or will be deployed in China. On May 23, the surging news reporter Tesla China ’s official recruitment WeChat platform found that Tesla ’s charging, energy, and infrastructure teams were added the day before. Two recruitment information for energy and project development engineering managers, working at Tesla Shanghai Lingang Super Factory. The above recruitment information shows that one position is mainly responsible for the entire.. Read More

Samsung ’s multi-model mobile phones encounter black screens, garbled characters, and restarts. Samsung: actively investigating the reasons

In the early hours of May 23, some Samsung mobile phone users encountered black screens and large-scale restart issues. Samsung responded that the company has received feedback from some users on system problems and is actively investigating the reasons and providing corresponding solutions as soon as possible. In the early hours of the day, a large number of Samsung mobile phone users posted on Weibo that their Samsung devices encountered.. Read More

National Ledger 2020: How to spend 45 trillion yuan?

Source | Economic Observer (ID: eeo-com-cn) Author | 杜 涛 Head map | Graph insect creative The 2020 budget report under the new crown epidemic has many more different contents than in previous years: the issue of anti-epidemic special treasury bonds was 1 trillion yuan, the special debt amount reached 3.75 trillion yuan, and the deficit rate exceeded 3%, which is planned to be 3.6% The above arrangement, the amount.. Read More