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Read | Some books suitable for drinking, listening to music, and burning the brain late at night

Find a good feeling to read Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “sugarandspice” (ID: sugar ___ spice) author: Spice. I found that many people regard reading as a task, stipulating that they read a book every week, or what kind of new knowledge they want to read, I think the real lifestyle reading is like this: Read books for no reason, just because reading them at.. Read More

Do you also want to be an astronaut?

Being an astronaut is probably the childhood dream of many people? Wearing a space suit and sitting in a spaceship to fly into the vast expanse of space and explore the unknown universe. Sounds romantic and wonderful. After the successful launch of the Shenzhou V manned spacecraft in China, Yang Liwei has become a hero in the hearts of a generation, especially children. So, what kind of test does it.. Read More

The world’s first floating nuclear power plant is put into commercial operation in the Russian Far East

CCTV News May 23 news, the Russian National Atomic Energy Corporation issued a statement on May 22 local time, saying that the world ’s first floating nuclear power station “Academician Lomonosov” was in the Russian Far East Chukotka Autonomous Region on the same day (22nd) Pevek City enters commercial operation. The nuclear power plant is the 11th nuclear power plant in Russia and the “northern nuclear power plant in the.. Read More

Dialogue with the President of Metro China: Speed ​​up the opening of stores in China, test the paid membership system

“Our plan is to have 5-10 stores in the next year and 10-20 stores in the next year, maintaining this high-speed development trend.” < / div> On May 22, after Claude Sarrailh, President of Metro China, acquired Metro China for the first time at Wumart, he revealed the company’s expansion plans in China. On October 11, last year, German supermarket chain giant Metro and Wumart Group jointly announced Wumart ’s.. Read More

The big change in China stocks caused by “a cup of coffee”

This article is from: Interface News , reporter: Ma Xiaotian, Keda, Miao Yiwei, the picture from: Visual China A butterfly in the Amazon rainforest gently flapped its wings, triggering a tornado in Texas. The famous “butterfly effect” has recently been reflected in Ruixing Coffee. The financial fraud of this Chinese coffee startup is bringing multiple responses. After Rui Xing, Lucky Future also exposed itself to fraudulent behavior, and it was.. Read More

Hotels vs Airbnb: Did the epidemic subvert the disruptors?

Hotels and Airbnb have their own differences in refunds, cleanliness and privacy, and new competitors have also invaded. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Global Travel News” (ID: Traveldaily) Over the years, short-term rentals have put a lot of pressure on hotel prices and occupancy rates. Nowadays, factors such as social isolation, health and epidemic prevention, and refund policies for bookings may once again change the game.. Read More

Why it should be lifted the birth restriction

Source | China News Weekly ( ID: chinanewsweekly) Author | 佟 西 中 Head Image | IC photo The topic of “Houlang” was popular on the Internet some time ago, and young people in the new generation have received much attention. However, what many people do not know is that there are fewer and fewer “post waves”. “The latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the.. Read More

For everyone, the seven highlights of the draft civil code

This article is reproduced from Xinhua News Agency author: Xinhua News Agency “Xinhua viewpoint” reporters Rocha, white male, to participate in written reporter: Xie Hao, Huang Anqi Zhou Wen Tao Lan Tianming, head Figure: IC photo On May 22, as an important content of the National People’s Congress and the National People’s Congress this year, the draft civil code that has been brewing for many years was submitted to the.. Read More

51-year-old vice president of Everbright Bank Sun emphasized that he is the chairman of Everbright Sun Life

China Everbright Sun Life, a subsidiary of China Everbright Group, changes its coaching. Sun Qiang On May 22, Everbright Sun Life ’s official website released a message It is said that on the morning of May 20, Everbright Yongming Life held a cadre meeting, and China Everbright Group Party Committee member and deputy general manager Fu Wanjun attended and delivered a speech. Dong Tiefeng, head of the organization department of.. Read More

Failure to repay interest on US $ 500 million in bonds as scheduled, Argentina’s 9th sovereign debt default

On May 22 local time, Argentina failed to pay an interest of US $ 500 million in debt due. This is the ninth sovereign breach of contract in Argentina ’s restructuring negotiations with creditors since independence. According to Argentina ’s national media, The Horn, the Argentina side hopes to postpone the interest of the previously delayed US $ 500 million bond once again. The negotiation time is until June 2… Read More