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It took Apple more than ten years to build it and wanted everyone to be able to “customize” the iPhone

This article is from the WeChat public account “Love Fan” (ID: ifanr) , author: Fang Jiawen, title figure from the CFP. A set of features that most people do n’t understand, but it took Apple more than a decade to build. They hope that this set of functions will allow every Apple user to finally “tune” the device that he uses best. The story has to start with a 36-second.. Read More

Positive PK, Ali lost to Pinduoduo in this game

The 5-year-old fights a lot and will eventually challenge 21-year-old Ali. Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” burn Finance “(ID: rancaijing) , author: dawn, edit Allen. This is a very coincidental scene: Pinduoduo and Alibaba chose to release the first quarter financial report for 2020 on the same day. One is an e-commerce big brother with a market value of more than $ 500 billion, and.. Read More

What is the concept of Ali GMV breaking trillions of dollars?

On May 22, Ali just released the Q4 financial report for the previous fiscal year and the annual financial report. To be honest, I ’m a bit numb after seeing the data of excellent internet company users, revenue, and profits growing every quarter. I even think that Ali ’s financial report is mediocre (can I add a “Ping Ping Wu Qi”, similar to the Ping Wu Wu Xian love genius.. Read More

Continuous single-season revenue exceeded 10 billion Alibaba Cloud and other profitable periods

Produced | Tiger Sniff Technology Group Author | Zhang Xue Cover | IC photo On the evening of May 22, Alibaba Group released its fiscal year 2020 results. Alibaba Cloud ’s annual revenue exceeded 40 billion yuan, a 62% jump from the previous year ’s 24.7 billion revenue. Thanks to the good performance, Alibaba Cloud ’s valuation Rose to 77 billion US dollars. From the perspective of revenue data, Alibaba.. Read More

Incentive mechanism upgrade and marketing ecology reshaping are two-pronged, video platform promotes online movie reform

Online movies are growing rapidly. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Deep sound” (ID: deep-echo) : Lv Yue. Core points Tencent ’s new video sharing rules pay more attention to the quality of online movies, and the VIP open platform will provide creators with a full-process service system;   After experiencing a shuffle period, online movies have been reduced in quantity and improved in quality, and.. Read More

The integration of coal power resources of central enterprises kicks off, and the five major power generation companies are located in “one province, one enterprise” in the five northwestern provinces

District electricity prices, excess capacity consumption, coal-electricity joint ventures, regional strategic development plans of various enterprises and other factors. This round of resource integration pilots will start in 2019 and will take about three years. The goal of the pilot integration is to strive to achieve a significant optimization of the production capacity structure in the pilot area by the end of 2021, the synergy of coal and power continues.. Read More

How long can Huya’s stable growth continue? How does the content ecosystem achieve self-reinforcement?

The Huya IPO has been profitable for ten consecutive quarters. How long can its stable growth continue? With the strategy of diversified content, how can the Huya ecosystem strengthen itself? Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “heterologous FINANCE View” (ID: DifferentFin), of: Hyun night snow. Diverse Financial News, May 21, 2020 Beijing time (May 20, Eastern Time), Huya (NYSE: HUYA) released its financial report for the first.. Read More

Compared with Luo Zhixiang, he is the worst “inferior artist” in history

This article comes from WeChat public account “Biyeahboy” (ID: biyeahboy) , author: Lin Bili, from the title FIG IC Photo. In October 1983, a movie named “Jin Bu Huan” was shot here in Yi County, Hebei. One afternoon, the crew was resting in the hotel, and the police of the County Public Security Bureau suddenly approached the door. They named the hero who was playing cards in the room and.. Read More

Bao Weimin explained the five highlights of the first Mars exploration: “7 minutes of terror” is the biggest difficulty

China News Agency, Beijing, May 23 news, Mars exploration in July this year will usher in an important launch “window period”, when China will choose the opportunity to implement the first Mars exploration mission “Tianwen 1”. During the two sessions of the National People’s Congress, the reporter interviewed Bao Weimin, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and.. Read More

Pinduoduo after 10, Jingdong after 00 and Ali after 90, who is the stronger e-commerce giant?

Young people want to grow, and Big Brother wants to make money. Editor’s note: This article href=””> “Capital detective” from the micro-channel public number   Adjusted net profit was 22.287 billion yuan, an increase of 11% year-on-year. The key financial indicators of Pinduoduo are as follows: Pin moreMore revenue in the first quarter of 2020 was 6.541 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 44%, exceeding market expectations;   The net.. Read More