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Results Bulletin | Alibaba Pictures Fiscal Year 2020: Content investment income of 1 billion yuan, comprehensive development business increased by 117%

The epidemic swept through the film and television industry On May 28, Ali Pictures (01060.HK) released its financial results for the 12 months ended March 31, 2020. In the reporting period, Alibaba Pictures ’revenue reached 2.875 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), a year-on-year decrease of 5%; The adjusted loss before interest and tax amortization was 722 million yuan, an increase of 21% year-on-year. Under the adverse impact of the.. Read More

Shangzhi Group: Shareholders’ meeting will propose a proposal to remove executive directors

On May 28, SINOMACH (01207.HK), a subsidiary of China Minsheng Investment, announced that the board of directors will submit an ordinary resolution at the annual general meeting in accordance with the company’s rules to remove Peng Xinkuang and Chen Donghui as executive directors, and Peng Xinkuang is exempted. While serving as the company’s executive director, he will no longer serve as the company’s chief executive officer. According to the schedule,.. Read More

Xiamen International Trade: The company has no plans to take over the Taihe Group

On May 28, Xiamen International Trade (600755.SH) denied the news of Pantaihe Group (000732.SZ) when responding to questions from netizens on the Shanghai e-interaction. Xiamen Guomao said, “Xiamen Guomao Development Co., Ltd. aims to leverage the company ’s real estate development expertise, leverage resource synergies, enrich project reserves, further expand project funding sources, and increase The efficiency of capital use improves the overall strength and profitability of the company ’s.. Read More

Shenzhen: plans to supply 4.9 million square meters of housing and 50618 units in the second half of this year

On May 28, the Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau announced on the official website that in the second half of 2020, Shenzhen plans to enter the city with 109 residential and commercial apartment projects. : Residential area of ​​4,905,500 square meters, 50618 sets; business apartments of 1.1133 million square meters, 18732 sets. (Note: The final data is based on the approval information of the pre-sale permit for commercial housing.) The.. Read More

Yihang obtained the world’s first large-scale heavy-duty autopilot logistics trial operation license

On May 28, a reporter from Peng Mei News ( learned from the intelligent autonomous vehicle technology enterprise Yihang Holdings Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: EH) (hereinafter referred to as “Yihang Intelligence”), May 27 In Japan, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a pilot license for the logistics of self-driving aircrafts to Yihang Intelligent. This means that Yihang can carry out commercial trial operation of heavy-duty air logistics of more than.. Read More

March towards the ultimate energy! China Nuclear takes the lead, the international thermonuclear fusion reactor completes the “golden node”

Surging news learned from China National Nuclear Corporation that on May 28 local time, in Cadarache, southern France, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) weighing 1,250 tons of Dewar base landed smoothly on the base of the Tokamak device On the temporary support in the pit, the lifting of the Dewar base was successfully completed, which opened the prelude to the installation of the main equipment of the International Thermonuclear.. Read More

Ten highlights of marriage and family in the Civil Code

This article is from WeChat public account: Zhihe (ID: zhihedongfang) , author: Manai Dong, Hua Danjing, Dacheng (Shanghai) Law firm, title figure from: vision China The civil code was first drafted in 1954 and lasted for more than sixty years. It was finally adopted by the third meeting of the 13th National People ’s Congress on May 28, 2020. This article will interpret the ten highlights of the Civil Code.. Read More’s strategic investment in Gome: US $ 100 million subscription for overseas convertible bonds issued by Gome Retail

After collaborating with Pinduoduo, Gome Retail’s circle of friends ushered in Jingdong Group. On the evening of May 28, Jingdong Group announced a strategic investment in Gome Retail (00493.HK) to subscribe for overseas convertible bonds issued by Gome Retail for US $ 100 million. said that the strategic cooperation between and Gome Retail is the further deepening of the cooperation between the two parties following the official entry.. Read More

Nugget fever management: Hundreds of billions of business for the car

This article comes from the WeChat public account: Yuanchuan Technology Review (ID: kechuangych) , author: Lize Hao, from the title figure: vision China Even before May, there were 8 accidents involving electric vehicle fires. Every time an electric car burns, it is handing a knife to a fuel car. It repeatedly reminds users who are full of hope for new energy: You are not driving a car, it is a.. Read More

How to recruit suitable talents in Southeast Asia? | Sharing the Difficult Series

Southeast Asia has multiple languages, cultures, and entrepreneurial environments, and overseas teams need to have an in-depth understanding of the various regions where they land. On May 27, the Overseas Brothers brand and 36Kr Global ’s English media brand KrASIA jointly launched an online live sharing salon event with the theme of “Employee Recruitment in Southeast Asia”. At the event, we invited Mr. Yang Hexiang (Oswald), CEO of Glints, a.. Read More