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Jiangsu talked about 111 programs including 40 illegal website platforms and the release of Douban movies

Net letter Jiangsu WeChat news on May 29th, in May, Jiangsu net letter system strengthened multi-departmental cooperation supervision, strengthened network ecological governance, cracked down on various online illegal activities in accordance with the law, effectively curbed the rebound of harmful information and repeated momentum Continue to clear the cyberspace. The Provincial and Municipal Network Information Office has conducted interviews and rectifications on 40 illegal website platforms and accounts such as.. Read More

Brokerages “make up blood” adds a new channel: the SFC allows securities companies to publicly issue subordinated debt

Another financing channel opens, and brokerages are finally allowed to publicly issue subordinated debt. On the evening of May 29, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the “Decision on Amending the” Securities Company Subordinated Debt Management Regulations “”, which is called the implementation of the relevant requirements of the new “Securities Law” To support securities companies to increase their capital, enhance their ability to withstand risks, and better serve the.. Read More

There are so many people suffering from health anxiety, but they are unwilling to pay for domestic health products

This article comes from the WeChat public account: DT Finance (ID: DTcaijing) , author: DT Jun bad teeth, FIG head source: IC photo “When did you first realize that health is the most important thing?” “Because when you stay up late and lose your hair, when you are sick and spend a lot of money, when Baidu searches for your symptoms, every time you wait for the test report …”.. Read More

Territorial spatial planning is implemented with full cycle management, and “zero tolerance” is imposed on new construction violations

The Ministry of Natural Resources recently issued the “Notice on Strengthening the Supervision and Management of Land and Space Planning”, which requires strict planning permission management, full-cycle planning management, and “zero tolerance” for new illegal construction. The “Notice” requires strictly in accordance with the national spatial planning, approval of construction project land pre-examination and site selection opinions, construction land planning permits, construction project planning permits and rural construction Planning permit… Read More

Overhaul of Shanghai Stock Exchange Delisting Stocks’ First Day Trading Mechanism: Temporary Trading Suspension Time Shortened

The stocks delisted from the Shanghai stock market are relisted, and the trading mechanism on the first day is overhauled. On the evening of May 29, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that in order to further improve the trading system, the Shanghai Stock Exchange revised and issued the “Shanghai Stock Exchange Risk Warning Board Stock Trading” “Administrative Measures” and shall be implemented from now on. This revision mainly adjusts and.. Read More

How to change the stock index preparation method? Shanghai Stock Exchange: Try to ensure a seamless connection with the existing index

The Shanghai Stock Exchange responded in an article published on the evening of May 29 to the topic of the recent changes in the compilation method of the Shanghai Composite Index, which is very concerned by the market. The Shanghai Stock Exchange stated that the Shanghai Stock Exchange has always been concerned about market concerns. All along, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and China Securities Index Co., Ltd. have followed the.. Read More

Covestro accelerates its transition to a circular economy, “the throw-away model will be unsustainable when used up

“This model of throwing away plastics will be unsustainable. For any society and economy, we must reverse the one-time production and development model.” A few days ago, the world ’s largest polymer manufacturer Markus Steilemann, CEO of Sitron, said at a circular economy network conference that Covestro hopes to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, especially in the chemical and plastics industries, to achieve the goal of greenhouse gas.. Read More

Jingdong + Gome, Ali + Suning: who is the enemy

Produced | Tiger Sniff Business Group Author | Liu Ran Title map | IC photo After announcing strategic cooperation with Kuaishou, took out the news of investing in Gome-on the evening of May 28, announced its strategic investment in Gome Retail, subscribing to Gome Retail for overseas sales of USD 100 million Convertible bonds. In fact, in April of this year, Pinduoduo also announced the subscription of US.. Read More

We need more Jia Zhangke

This article comes from the WeChat public account: curtain taste (ID: movie1958) , author: wolf Aberdeen, drawing from the head: “Fenyang kid Jia Zhangke ‘Screenshot “After the invention of the movie, human life has been prolonged at least three times than before.” In Yang Dechang’s movie “One One”, the fat man and Ting Ting talked about the movie excitedly. One of the most famous “famous quotes” by filmmakers. In my.. Read More

Is sleep learning reliable?

From unreliable to a little reliable. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Brain pole body” (ID: unity007) , author Hai strange. Sleep learning, as the name suggests, is to enhance human learning ability through sleep. This concept contains two meanings. The first one is to discuss whether “sleep can consolidate what we learn when we are awake”; the second is to discuss “can we learn new.. Read More