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Forever baby (16-20)

16. The rat is afraid of cats? Are cats afraid of mice? On this day, Mrs. Murong led the fork to the post office to send her husband a registered letter. There are many people in the business room of the post office, and everyone is in line. Mrs. Murong led the fork in the back. The old lady with the decay walked towards the post. She pushed the garbage.. Read More

Forever baby (21-27)

21. Extremely startled The baby boy appeared again! The email box he used to email Zhang Gu was: A night story from start to finish. Everyone fell asleep and the baby boy woke up. He slowly opened his alien eyes, like the eyes of an owl, three. He had a clear view of the world in the dark. He crouched down on the branch, silent as a sculpture. He.. Read More

Old House Magic Shadow (5)

Nothing seems to happen. The first show fell asleep in the clutter of dogs. She dreamed that she was walking alone on the hillside in front of the village. There was a big white moon above her head, and the intestinal path under her feet showed a gray mark in the night. Walking while walking, she suddenly felt someone behind her. She clenched her teeth and looked back. It was.. Read More


In a small factory in the south, a female employee likes the leader of their production line. Although the man is married, he still plays with the girl’s feelings. Once the girl was pregnant, she overwhelmed and asked the man: “What should I do?” The man tricked her and said, “I I love you! As long as you take the child away, I will divorce my wife!” The girl was.. Read More

Fog Feihua (Part 1)

Nan Yu sent away the last patient today, turned off the lights and sat alone in the dark for a while before leaving the office. She casually greeted her colleagues in the corridor and walked through the gate of the busy crowd in the hospital. The weather has been bad recently. After a few days of rain, it has maintained a humid and sultry air. Although it was still dead.. Read More

Fog Feihua (Part 2)

After Master Lingyun gave the excited Cisheng medicine, he looked at the apprentices with deliberated eyes. He was quite incapable of handling and adapting, so he always consulted with the apprentices first. “Master, let me go!” Xuanji immediately challenged. “Master, I…” Nan Yu looked at Xuanji and said carefully: “Listening to Master Cisheng’s statement, the enemy is not only powerful, but also numerous in number. Go together.”Xuanji was reluctant to.. Read More

Fog Feihua (middle)

Thinking about this, he walked up the mountain with his two sons. Suddenly a shadow jumped from the tree and asked, “Are you a relative of Xuanji Taoist?” Without waiting for their answer, the other party attacked. Xuanji’s uncle desperately wanted to protect his son, and was injured by the other party. When the murderer rushed to Xuanji, the sneer disappeared, and the uncle screamed in a semi-coma: “Go to.. Read More

Horror pawnshop

Money is a very important thing. I understood this absolute truth during my wandering journey. So when I set foot on this land, when my nasal cavity and lung sac were filled with the smell of this drunk gold fan, when I felt that gold here was always within reach and with me, I decided to stay Down. So there was my figure in the Flower Street of Hell Island… Read More

Eternal Life Formalin Rhapsody

They all thought she was just a corpse, a female corpse soaked in formalin solution, quietly staying in a glass jar. Only she knew she wasn’t dead, yes, only she knew it, they didn’t. Yes, how can anyone think of a person who can die from death to death without being able to extinguish his own consciousness, and how to pull a weed out of the mud like it has.. Read More

Room 208 in the evil night

I went to Guangzhou during the seven-day National Holiday. On the one hand, it is to deal with some academic matters, on the other hand, to visit some students studying in Guangzhou, and to connect and connect feelings. A Fei was studying in Guangzhou. He and I are very good. I told him a few days before departure, this time I went to Guangzhou, and I will arrange the place.. Read More