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Dripping rose

Sultry: “I’m not injured again, you talk upside down today.” “But your hands are bleeding, your brains are not broken.” A Chun was also surprised.

Late at 12 o’clock, don’t look up

Xiao Li told me a story about him. He can now tell that his complexion has become very poor. Xiao Li worked in a very good company two years ago. Xiao Li worked very hard and often worked overtime late. That day, probably It was already the clock and Xiao Li went to the toilet. The toilets in the building are all toilet compartments. Sitting on the toilet, Xiao Li.. Read More

Female ghost on the back of the hand

Well, this is what my mom said. My mother’s sister, what happened to my aunt… Aunt, she married a wealthy husband and had a great time every day. She often climbed mountains and was always healthy. Sometimes ago, Mo Ming grew a tumor on the back of her hand. I didn’t care much. Later, because of the pain, she went to Chang Geng to see the doctor. The doctor said.. Read More

Spiritual eyes of: Wei Shuang Word Count: 6036 words

Angrily said, “Of course, it’s terrible. I saw the white-haired old man walking on the road in a silly way. When a red truck rushed, he suddenly stretched his head out and was crushed to death on the spot. It was so strange. This old man The guy clearly saw the car coming, why didn’t he wait for a while, but when the car rushed to his face, he suddenly.. Read More

Ghost love is coming

1. Tashan is a resort where I and I are in love, and it is also a testimony of our love. On that day, Yi and I met to the top of Tashan Mountain. Yi told me that half a month later it was her and Ming’s wedding day…Ming is her current boyfriend, driving a Mercedes-Benz sports car, very sunny and very handsome. Of course, it is also very rich… Read More

Zhang Yinyang’s story

Zhang Yinyang once received an invitation from others Someone said that he was caught in evil We called the ghost upper body to keep up When he was gone, let the family prepare things. It’s a rooster and a black dog. As soon as he went, he saw a woman dancing in the yard in the summer in a cotton-padded jacket. Say, if you don’t let me dance, I will.. Read More

Macau’s experience

I will tell you some of the experience of juniors going to school in Macau, which is not all weird. The description is true and exaggerated. (1) My classmates do not live in the dormitory of the University of Macau. The school rents out several apartments for us outside. , Mostly on the fourth, fourteenth, and twenty-fourth floors of a building, because the locals believe in gods and ghosts, and.. Read More

Other shore flower

I felt… that my father and mother were accompanied… and went back to Beijing with confidence. The memory is over. The last drop of blood from the old professor dripped into my petals, my stamens were accepted, and the flowers seemed more red…The flowers on the other bank can’t be seen when the flower is blooming, and can’t be seen when there are leaves.

Book of Changes

This is my personal experience. Regarding the Yijing, I actually believe in the Yijing. Before May last year, I was still a small business accountant in the prefecture-level city bureau. The treatment of business accounting of prefectural and municipal bureaus was very low, and they were very depressed at the time. Moreover, I encountered unhappy things at work and once wanted to resign. I registered with my husband in March.. Read More

Buddha monument

Lin is a person who feels a little bit back. It’s also average, and I didn’t find my favorite boyfriend. So I wanted to ask God Buddha to help. On the way home. There are some food stores and supermarkets on the streets I walk on. There has never been a shop selling God’s supplies. Today is different. One more shop like this. The dim lights in the store. Red… Read More