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What does cervix too tight mean

As everyone knows, a lot of examinations are required during labor, and then the doctor will determine whether the pregnant woman has a normal delivery or a C-section based on the results of the examination. I believe that many women will be a little confused when they are told that the cervix is ​​tight, so what does it mean that the cervix is ​​too tight? If the cervix is ​​too.. Read More

What did the Beidou satellite do for you?

On June 23, 2020, a Chang-3B carrier rocket was successfully ignited and lifted off at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. After nearly 26 minutes of flight and attitude adjustment, the navigation satellite located in the top instrument module was sent into the predetermined orbit, and the constellation deployment of the Beidou global satellite navigation system was successfully completed. This is the last global networking satellite of Beidou-3. On July 29,.. Read More

After staying up late, you don’t really think that it’s enough to make up for the sleep, do you?

This article is from WeChat official account:Doctor Ding Xiang (ID: DingXiangYiSheng), author: Ding Yu, chestnuts a Sun, the original title:” make up a sleep after staying up late on the line? After reading this article, you don’t think so…”, head picture from: Visual China “I will sleep after watching this episode!” “I will sleep after reading this chapter!” “I will sleep when I win a game!” The result…everyone knows, after.. Read More

Hainan Duty Free New Deal in January: far from heaven, very close to purchasing

This article is from WeChat official account:Eleven Finance and Economics(ID:caijingEleven) ,Author : Yang Liyun, the head picture comes from: Visual China Since the implementation of the new tax exemption policy for Hainan Islands, the consumption data is beautiful, but there is no shortage of water. There is no price advantage, insufficient supply, and scarce brands. Daigou, a major source of income for duty-free shops, has been severely cracked down by.. Read More

Past events in Chinese theaters: 180 days of reunion, 115 years of change

If the cloud is developed, Gu Youwei is also Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account “RET Rui Yide” (ID: retweixin) , author: here yes. “Hello, theater!” Three days ago, this greeting from the Review Department of People’s Daily expressed the voice of filmmakers, commercial real estate people and more ordinary people. After 180 days of waiting, people finally welcomed back to the theater. For many people,.. Read More

Internet giant talent melee: Douyin Kuaishou is hiring crazy, Ali can’t dig Meituan employees

Behind the flow of talents, the Internet landscape is also quietly changing. Editor’s note: This article is from Interface News. Reporter | Zhou Yixue Edit | Wen Shuqi Internet talent is gathering like never before. Jumping from one big factory to another has long been an operation for Internet employees. “The Internet has developed for so many years, and the giants have formed a monopoly on business and excellent talents… Read More

A set of training courses of 10,000 yuan, net celebrities can also “mass production”?

author: Gu pull the wind, editor: Zhong Rui, the original title: “a training course 1 million, who in a batch” Made Red ” ? “, the head picture comes from: Visual China Internet celebrity has become an adjective. It is as big as eating, wearing, using, and living, as small as nail styles and camera software filters. Search for “net celebrity” in Xiaohongshu, and there are more than 300,000 notes.. Read More

What black technology does the drone that went to Mars with Perseverance?

This article is from WeChat official account:The Heart of Machine (ID: kexuedayuan), editor: Zhang Qian, Zenan, title picture from: Visual China In recent days, probes targeting Mars have set off. On July 30th, in the MARS 2020 mission successfully launched by NASA, the “Cosmos God 5” launch vehicle will be the latest generation of Mars rover Perseverance(Perseverance) on track. Perseverance is the largest and most complex Mars detection system ever.. Read More

Someone built a “crab rover”, really “cyborg crab”

This article is from WeChat official account:qubit (ID: QbitAI), author: goat fish, white cross, from FIG title: B station making up the main king crab juvenile car hui Is the finished crab shell dry garbage or wet garbage? Or, wrap it with a layer of black technology and turn it into a “Mars rover”, crying for the kids next door. The harder core is that such a crab rover is.. Read More