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ByteDance has no friends, does Zhang Yiming have it?

source|hunting cloud network(ID: ilieyun) Author|Li Tongwei, Editor|Lin Wenlong Head image|IC photo According to foreign media reports, on August 1, according to people familiar with the matter, Microsoft was in talks with ByteDance to acquire the US business of popular video app TikTok (the overseas version of Douyin). At the same time, US President Donald Trump is weighing severe actions against the company, including forcing parent company Bytedance to sell it… Read More

How is the office of an Internet company designed?

This article comes from:knowledge author: rain sleep, from head Figure: vision China LEAPX is almost two years old, and a new office is desperately needed. As a design team, we also have high requirements for office functions and aesthetics. How can we create a comfortable and easy-to-use office for our discerning designers? Before founding LEAPX, the author worked at Microsoft headquarters, and when I was in the United States, I.. Read More