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The madness of women in Zhang Ailing’s “First Incense” was originally a revenge against the patriarchal society

Title” class=”text-big-title”>a dying “country” Although as a derogatory “popular novelist”, Eileen Chang knows better than many “serious writers”: art is not a pursuit of truth and truth, but only a mirror image of the soul; Remembrance is not the resurrection of the old world, but the collage and integration of the cultural representations of the old world. The moment of art is just a rare moment of “sorrowful eyesight” in.. Read More

Tarot’s “Getting Rich”

This year’s young people began to “fortune” at station B. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “New Game” (ID: newgametheory) , author: He Zhiwu, editor: Liu Zi. “You have all the answers you want.” “Spoiler life, unlock destiny.” “Interpret your past life pains and current life issues, look for your soul talent and inner child.” “Classic Tarot | Oracle suggestion can ask about career/relationship/health/academic/fortune/interpersonal relationship” The.. Read More

Southeast Asia is really the “sweet and sweet” of Chinese capital? You have to read this report

tps://″ data-w=”763″ data -h=”446″> The resilience of Southeast Asia’s venture capital market In the first half of 2020, Southeast Asia completed a total of 315 investment and financing events, with a total financing amount of 5.6 billion U.S. dollars, ranking third in the world in terms of financing amount and quantity in the field of Internet technology. At the same time, the transaction scale of more than 100 million US.. Read More

Market news丨The ghost of “no-deal Brexit” reappears? Sterling fell nearly 1%

Negotiating Brexit means immediately cutting off all ties with the EU, and the British economy is bound to suffer a wave of shock. The rating agency Moody’s pointed out in a report that a “no-deal Brexit” will seriously damage the UK economy, especially after the epidemic, the UK may experience its worst economic recession in nearly a century. The unemployment rate in the UK may also climb to 9%, causing.. Read More

In this airplane flying game, sand sculpture players are fancy “death”

This article is from WeChat official account:BB Ji (ID: bibiji300), author: monster circus, drawing from the title:” Microsoft flight Simulator 2020 “ “Murphy’s Law Magic Revision” said that as long as players are likely to do crazy things in the game, they will do crazy things, and the more free the game, the more crazy the players can be. “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020”(hereinafter referred to as “MFS 2020”) is the.. Read More

ByteDance has obtained a payment license to build a financial empire. Does its technical strength match its ambitions?

After purchasing the goods, use the account provided by the third-party platform to pay for the goods (to the third party), and the third party will notify the seller that the payment has been received and request delivery; the buyer receives the goods, inspects the goods, and confirms, Then notify the third party to pay; the third party then transfers the money to the seller’s account. Banks will not provide.. Read More

The richest man in Zhejiang

​Zhong Suansui may become the new richest man. In the past 20 years, there have been 7 years of China’s richest man sitting in Zhejiang. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Hunting cloud network” (ID: ilieyun) , Author: Lu Xinyi, Han Wenjing, Sheng Jiaying. With the phrase “Nongfu Spring is a bit sweet”, Zhong Qiaoyi may become the new richest man in China. Nongfu Spring, which.. Read More

Unexpectedly, you weighed 100 kilograms, you actually have 3 kilograms of bacteria on your body

“Viruses are just like us, they are part of nature. In so many years of co-existence, they have shaped our immune system and even become some of our An indispensable part of important physiological functions.” This article is from the official account:Gezhi Lundao Forum (ID: SELFtalks) author: Zhu Huachen (Shantou University, University of Hong Kong, deputy director of the joint Institute of virology), from the title figure: the movie “new.. Read More

Focusing on smart data operations, “Dingmao Technology” received tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing

p> Yang Tao, assistant partner of Lightspeed China, said: “The team of Dingmao Technology has rich experience in the field of IT intelligent operation and maintenance of core banking system. The two founders have cooperated with IBM for many years and have a deep understanding and understanding of the intelligent operation and maintenance market and customer needs. The high recognition and continuous cooperation of top customers. We believe that the.. Read More

“New York Times” Digital Subscription Firepower: Revealing the New CEO’s Digital Media Operation Secrets

There are 1.104 million of swords and cooking products. The New York Times predicts that by 2025, it can achieve a total of 10 million subscriptions, of which 2 million subscribers will come from overseas. 1700: The size of the New York Times newsroom has increased by 200 compared to 2013. 700: This is the number of people in the product team. For its part, this number represents the idea.. Read More