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The past of a Tencent Weibo with a million followers

On the Internet platform, youth is over once it wakes up. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat official account “New Rank” (ID: newrankcn), author BroCat. On the Internet platform, sometimes youth is over once it wakes up. Tencent Weibo, which has been used by 300 million people, recently announced its cyber death: On September 28, this 10-year-old platform will be officially suspended. The news rushed to the hot.. Read More

Huawei iteration: the issue of age

, Dividend sharing. “Talents are one of the core elements of an enterprise” is a key sentence in the draft. Two schools, two propositions. The essence of the separation between the two is, on the surface, a different understanding of struggle, but the bottom layer is about different interpretations of the value of “people”: Whether the labor invested by employees can be deposited and distributed like capital; And are employees.. Read More

Inter Milan’s huge losses, Suning shops closed wave, Suning “young master” succession road is still long

, Took him directly to the company to observe the meeting, “Children who are only a few years old sit there quietly, not even moving.” From this, Zhang Kangyang had a mature, low-key and sophisticated that far surpassed his peers, and he always obeyed his father’s words. It was not until the age of 15 that Zhang Kangyang, who wanted to go abroad to see, talked back to Zhang Jindong… Read More

Why do elders like to repost rumors and health posts in the circle of friends?

In addition to these negative impressions of the elderly, there are also some more general problems, that is, how do we understand the elderly, how to deal with They get along, how to resolve the conflicts that arise in the process of getting along. This article is from the WeChat official account: a seat (ID: yixiclub) , author: Peng Huamao (Beijing Normal University psychology professor), title Picture from: Visual China.. Read More

The Principle of Time: “Creed” Science Watching Guide

This article is from WeChat official account:Lonely Brain (ID: lonelybrain), author: Yu old in Canada, drawing from the title:” creed “ upper part one Do you want to break the Rubik’s Cube world record? As of December 2018, the third-order Rubik’s Cube has restored the official world record, which is 3.47 seconds for China’s Du Yusheng. Even if it’s amazingly fast, you still have a chance to pass him, and.. Read More