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Antique tomb in tomb

Xuande Blue and White Porcelain Vase This is a small underground auction. The goods are usually dug out from the cemetery, and it is called “Tongjia Collection” in the antique industry. Such goods are not easy to be fakes, and relatively cheap, as long as you have the ability to wash the goods. The host is almost eighteen years old, and it is estimated that he is a wealthy and.. Read More

Kind heart

   There are three rich people in the small town. They wanted to go to heaven after death, so they went to the church in the small town together and found the priest.   They asked the priest: “How can we enter heaven after we die?”    The priest knew them very well. He knew that they were famous miser. He had never donated a cent to the church, participated in.. Read More


Wu Yong is a great athlete, good at track, field and ball games. However, his academic performance is really bad, and every time he is in the countdown in the exam, everyone laughs at him as an outstanding representative of “well-developed limbs and simple mind.” At first, Wu Yong didn’t care about this irony, but now it’s different. He is pursuing Banhua, and Banhua’s criteria for selecting friends is a.. Read More

Obesity is also useful

   The fat boy talked about a girlfriend. Not only was the girl petite, but she also had a name that made her heart appealing: A Lian. The two of them held hands and leaned against their heads, coming and going together, their feelings were so good that they were jealous. Under the strong affection, the fat boy also made a bold move, putting three words on his fat breast:.. Read More

No one in the tomb

On this day, I have nothing to do, so I plan to shop for some gadgets in the antique shop. A man in a hat patted me on the shoulder suddenly: “Look at this paper head?” I was shocked. “Paper head” is the jargon in the tomb robbery, which means calligraphy and painting. That’s right, I was also a tomb thief before, and now I wash my hands and become.. Read More

Master Huang tears up the notice

   There are two canteens in a middle school. The master in the canteen cooks for the students. In addition to cooking and stir-frying for the teacher, Master Huang in the small canteen also provides a small number of students with a small stir-fry because the parents have already greeted Master Huang when the school starts.  Later, some students were lazy and didn’t like to bring vegetables from home to.. Read More


1. Burial This is the seventh day after Xiaodie’s death. As usual I woke up from my nightmare, Fluttershy was lying quietly beside me, her complexion was pale, her face was peaceful, her eyes were slightly closed, as if she was sleeping forever The general. She came back, lying next to me, but I was not afraid, because I love her, even if her flesh and blood rot, even if.. Read More

My score for “Oh”

There are twins in my class, and neither of them has been smart since they were young. In fact, I had meningitis when I was young. Learning is simply impossible. After staying a few levels, it is still the same as the “nephew playing the lantern-as usual”. I have been in elementary school for five years and I am still in the second grade. Parents are also counseling at home,.. Read More

Paper cut

Recently, Hu Quan always felt that something was secretly following him, and he couldn’t get rid of it no matter what. Looking back suddenly, there is only a long shadow on the ground, nothing else. The so-called guilty conscience may be the reason. Hu Quan secretly got on with a woman. He knows that there is no fire in paper. From his wife’s unusually indifferent eyes, he seems to be.. Read More

Natal red

   Today is the first day of the new year of the dragon. The year of the dragon is my natal year. I should retire in this year of the dragon.   “I’m going to buy you two red pants!” My wife made a definite promise, and she bought it at a high price a few days ago, and then told me to wear them on time. “In the past.. Read More