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Cannibalism mirror

1. Night Mirror Horror On Sunday, my parents and I went to see the house. In order to better supervise my study, they decided to buy a house near the school. This family looks so kind and almost hypocritical. Both the men and the children were very reticent, only the women were talking around my mother. “At the beginning, my family was the same as yours, but I bought a.. Read More

Details that betray me

 I and the female writer Yanzi are very good friends. I admire her serious attitude towards literature, and appreciate her excellent essays and novels every year. Although we are in two different cities, we still often drink a little wine together and talk about literature and life.  Because I wrote a novel for a famous Taoist temple, the owner of the Taoist temple gave me a bottle of Qingcheng Mountain.. Read More

Fight people

Yang Hua has a jigsaw puzzle he brought back from Myanmar. The whole body is gilded and it is expensive. He regarded this puzzle as more important than life and never let anyone touch it. He also hung a big lock on the cabinet where the puzzle was placed. His wife Liu Ruyun disapproved of his behavior: “Isn’t it just a puzzle? What a look!” Although she said so, she.. Read More

Questioning the placenta

   Son Tian Modao is in the first year of junior high school. Every night, his mother picked him up at the junior high school in the town at nine o’clock on time, and then they walked back all the way, probably because they exchanged a lot of things on the road.  One night, when my son came back at 9:30, his first sentence was, Dad, where did you get.. Read More

Last ferryman

Yu Miao hurried to the ferry. Under the crooked moon, the ferry was empty, there were no lights, no people, and the ferry had already hidden in the river bend, only the sound of the river rushing. She yelled: “Is there anyone? I want to cross the river.” Even after yelling several times, no one could hear back. Yu Miao was a bit angrily: Hmph, I must fix him when.. Read More

Yes or no

   Lao Bai is my friend. We often play chess together because we like chess.  Old Bai is a good gambler. Every time he plays a few games with me, he says, what is the point of playing chess? It is better to play mahjong.   I said, did you bring money?   Every time this guy brought more than one hundred dollars, it was gone after three or two… Read More

Scarlet Chess

“General, army!” A gray-haired old man stretched out a hand, fiercely trying to get his “car” down next to another bald old man’s nest. The situation is settled. The game of the old man Madara must win. However, to the surprise of all those around who watched the game, the old man Madara’s “car” was pressed in the wrong place. This suddenly reversed the situation. “What’s the matter?” The old.. Read More

Huge loss

   Lao Kyu is a very scrupulous colleague and can’t afford to lose any money. I remember once when the unit donated some money to a terminal cancer patient in the village of Baobao. He only donated 50 yuan and scolded me for half a month. Finally, one day, I was furious and returned 50 yuan to him. On the list announced outside the unit, I angrily put his name.. Read More

The Legend of Killing the Dog Bridge

“Fear of water far away, and ghosts near.” This makes sense! It is talking about people from afar wading in a river. They don’t know the depth of the water, so they feel a sense of fear. Local people are familiar with the geographical environment, know the depth of the water, know where to wade, and where not to. So, I am not afraid of things like crossing the river… Read More

No accidents

  Through all our efforts, we finally drove the unpopular leader away. But as the second in command, I did not become the top leader. An excellent leader was sent to the organization, and I was very satisfied to be his assistant.   But when I was walking in the evening, my acquaintances asked me when they saw me, did you not be the top?  I nodded.   While waiting for a.. Read More