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Past and Present

The sky gradually darkened, and the whole world seemed to be shrouded in a deep blue. Xiaoxi walked alone on the city’s famous pedestrian street. The scenery and air here are suitable for calming her state of mind and soothing her hurting heart. Recently, she has lost love… Xiaoxi hung her head and moved slowly, beside her from time to time. Pedestrians walking in twos and threes. She walked slowly.. Read More


  Lu Qihong is the director of the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau. He is undecided about one thing these days, and he feels a little hesitant. In the past, he had the final say by himself and never discussed with others. This time, with the exception of this time, he held a bureau leadership meeting for this. “Let’s talk about it. Let’s build the remaining 100 million yuan for the inner.. Read More

Ghost kid

“Crack…crack…” At midnight, the door opened and closed constantly in the silent apartment. Quiet Shu, who was crackling and typing in front of the computer, didn’t care much at first. The soundproofing of this building is not good. She thought it was the sound from the neighbor’s house next door. After a while, Jingshu found that something was wrong, because when she heard the sound, she turned the computer volume.. Read More

Strictly saving and rectifying advanced

   Director Ma has been sitting on the podium with a straight face since he walked into the conference room, watching the dozens of people below, large and small, without saying a word. The atmosphere in the venue was quite tense. No one can figure out what Director Ma is angry with today. Even Secretary Li, his old partner sitting next to him, is at a loss, let alone others… Read More

Is there any hope for long-term rent? Ziru CEO Xiong Lin: Institutional penetration rate will exceed 50%

This industry needs long-termism. In recent years, long-term rental apartments have frequently appeared in the public eye. It is the darling of capital when it is beautiful, but after the wind, it is a mess. The industry has begun to reflect, perhaps long-term rental apartments should not be a so-called outlet. A large number of small and medium-sized practitioners who followed the trend did not build on itLizheng Real awareness:.. Read More

Dark marriage (Deathing invisible car)

Three pairs of lovers, met in junior high school, fell in high school, and fell in love at university for more than ten years, will always be the most beautiful myth on campus. Girls have become friends who talk about everything, and boys have become brothers. They agreed to hold a grand wedding together after graduation, which attracted the attention of everyone. Maybe everything went so well, even God is.. Read More


At noon, when Yuan Yuan, who lives in Building No. 6, took his little daughter home, he saw Uncle Qi, Uncle Lai and Uncle Xia who had moved in recently, sitting in the corridor and chatting. He asked his daughter to say hello. Everyone liked this. Elf ghost. Uncle Peng asked her what her name was, and she said grimly: “My original name was Maomao, just now my father bought.. Read More

Ears in the drawer

This is the third date. The content of the first date was dinner together, watching a movie, and saying good night to each other after kissing, and finally he took her to the door of the car and got off. On the second date, the two opened a hotel room. Tonight, she came to his residence, she drove past by herself. They would eat dinner in his house and then.. Read More

Monologue of a toilet

   According to the routine, I will introduce myself first. My name is Ma and my name is barrel. To put it bluntly, it is a toilet that everyone avoids. Why call me the toilet? No one told me, I think it was to be different from the rice bucket. The whole grains of other people’s decorations are the essence. Unlike me, a lot of dross, no need to guess.. Read More

Simple game

Recently, our school has set off a wave of Rubik’s Cube. Everywhere in the school, you can see a group of people watching Rubik’s Cube competition around a table. “It’s solved!” Tetsuo took the lead in restoring the Rubik’s Cube in his hand, and the audience burst into cheers. “Tetsuo, this is your fiftieth opponent you defeated today. No one in the school should be faster than you.” Tetsuo’s friend.. Read More