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Scared to death

Aaron is a movie fan, and he ran to the movie studio whenever he had time, thinking about a movie addiction. This evening, Aaron met a director with long hair and a very artistic demeanor. He took a fancy to Aaron and said: “You are a skinny image. Not bad! I have a movie where you are very suitable to play the protagonist, come audition!” Aaron was very excited and.. Read More

The soul and skin of Zhu once

Author: Lanna evening, head – Source: boring life @ Zhu Once the The breakup of Zhu Zhuang and his screenwriter Zhang Ce is actually quite interesting. Both sides emphasized that the breakup was a peaceful breakup, but each of them sent their awkward thoughts to the media who inquired about the news early. Once Zhu changed a video after he had been interrupted for more days because of this incident,.. Read More

Burning a newspaper on the grave (humorous story)

Chen Xiaoer’s father died early, and no one disciplined him, so Daxiao got into the habit of gambling. This year of Qingming Festival, every family in the village went to their graves, but Chen Xiaoer was unhappy for a few days, and he lost even the money to buy burning paper. So this kid came up with a bad idea. He picked up some old newspapers, went home and cut.. Read More

There are thousands of beautiful girls, but Kanna Hashimoto has only one

Build a bridge between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Game Research Society” (ID: yysaag), author Guru Guru pig. Some time ago, the Japanese entertainment circle broke out such a gossip essay: A popular teenage star is addicted to mahjong, and even plays mahjong all night while drinking, and is also addicted to mahjong games on mobile phones. For any young girl,.. Read More

Midnight ghost

The night is starry and the streets are extremely quiet. Wheat reluctantly walked out of the di bar, smiling enthusiastically just now, and was frozen the moment he touched the cold outdoor air. Her mood also dimmed. She thought of home, her father and his newly married stepmother, she was annoyed… The street lamp was glowing with orange light, shining dimly on the road. At the top, the occasional wind.. Read More

Has the popularity of “Hansawa Naoki” pushed up the employment of the Bank of Japan?

In terms of job hunting activities, the banking industry, led by the large banks, can “doubly satisfy” the expectations of young people pursuing an active stage? Editor’s note: This article is from “Nikkei Chinese Net” author: Zhongjing Cheng Chi, Yosuke Suzuki, authorized reprint. In the summer of 2020, the TV series “Hansawa Naoki” (season 2) broadcasted by Japanese TV station TBS caused heated discussions. The protagonist of the play is.. Read More

How far can Pingyao go?

This article is from WeChat official account:Urban Evolution (ID: urban_evolution), author: Wulin Jing, from the title figure: vision China “Jia Zhangke suddenly announced his withdrawal from the Pingyao International Film Festival”——If you do not know Jia Zhangke, have never heard of Pingyao, and do not pay attention to the Pingyao International Film Festival, you will not experience the shock of this news. On October 19, the 9-day Fourth Pingyao International.. Read More


At midnight, Xiaoyu was lingering, and Mengmeng stood anxiously under the willow tree, looking at the distance, but there was no one in the distance. She wanted to give up and she felt very scared by herself. A cold wind blew, Mengmeng turned her head abruptly, she was taken aback. I don’t know when a woman was holding an umbrella and stood behind her. The umbrella was so low that.. Read More

Life and death outing

On the weekend, Zhang Qiang and Li Hei made an appointment for an outing in Anhe. More than ten years ago, Li Hei’s father, Li Dahei, went to gather medicine. He has never seen anyone or a corpse, except for a straw hat by the river. But Li Hei always felt faintly that his father was not dead and had been waiting for him in a place no one knew… Read More