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Ghost festival

At four o’clock in the afternoon, in an office building, Sun Siyuan and his colleagues are busy working, and everyone’s faces are not pretty. No wonder, because this building has a wall rented by Coca-Cola to do a huge advertisement. The scaffolding was just set up yesterday, and today they started smashing the wall, which seriously affected their work efficiency. They will be off work in one hour. At this.. Read More

Unable to verify

   A friend of mine likes to read novels very much. Almost a dictionary can be read for a day. In short, he is excited as long as it is a word, which shows how deeply he is obsessed with novels. Finally, one day my friend, he became indifferent between humans and ghosts. On that day, my relatives came to my home and said that he was in trouble. But.. Read More

Many short ghost stories in 2014

False certificate The author/Dai Meng’er He has never been far away, so he always wants to go out in his dreams. At this time, a friend recommended him to visit Yin Wen. This is a good idea, but you need a Yin-Yang Pass to go to the underworld. This certificate is not easy to handle and requires a lot of formalities. A friend told him that he can apply for.. Read More

Three stupid family

   Legend has it that a long time ago there was a family of three. Before lunch, the daughter was cooking and disturbing the group, and the mother was turning over the quilt. At this time, the daughter shouted from the stove: “Mom, thick.”  Mother said to her daughter, “Add water.” while flipping the bed.  Waiting for a while, the daughter shouted again: “Mom, thin.”  Mom said to her daughter:.. Read More