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From Liu Yifei to Song Qian: The Golden Eagle Goddess is not the only thing that has changed in domestic dramas

This article is from WeChat official account:Vista Hydrogen Business (ID: AhGirlsDaily), original title “from the Song Qian Liu Yifei, Golden Eagle goddess pierce the truth national productions of” author: XI, title figure from: vision China Since Di Lieba two years ago, another golden eagle goddess Victoria Song has been released. It’s just that the sound volume of this Golden Eagle Festival is far worse than the previous one. Maybe it.. Read More

Horror Mountain

Usama was originally a maintenance worker in Tomsk. Osama became unemployed because of the bankruptcy of the company. After losing his job, he gradually fell into the habit of drinking. That night, Osama slept on the street, drunk. A black car stopped next to Usama. Two strong men got off the car, they mounted the Osama to the car, and quickly disappeared into the night. When Osama woke up, he.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | “Hangzhou Guoxin Technology” completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Series C financing; “Hemu Company” received tens of millions of US dollars in Series B financing; and today’s early projects worthy of attention

The financing news reported by the “Venture Channel”, as well as early-stage entrepreneurial projects in various fields that we are focusing on. Please check the Venture Capital Daily on October 19. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the “Venture Capital Channel” today, as well as the early-stage entrepreneurial projects we are paying attention to in various fields, enjoy~ Education Financing report: Focusing on the corporate training.. Read More

Return of the dead

Death to life A person named “Midnight Journey” asked to be a QQ friend. Zhu Wei thought it was the massage girl he met yesterday, and clicked to accept it. The midnight wandering spirit immediately passed a word: “Zhu Wei, how are you, how are Zhou Qing and Ouyang Kunyu?” Zhu Wei Stunned. The other party was not the masseur yesterday. She didn’t know her name was Zhu Wei, let.. Read More

China Overseas Daily | Waterdrop plans to go to the US for IPO in 2021; Dubai advertising company FoxPush receives US$15 million in financing

And, Nanofilm, a Singapore coating solution provider, will raise US$376 million through an IPO: South Korean car-sharing platform Socar has raised nearly US$50 million. Welcome to follow the WeChat official account (ID: wow36krchuhai) to obtain cutting-edge information and understand new global trends in time. Scan the QR code at the end of the article to follow and join the overseas community to meet global business partners. Globalization of Chinese Enterprises.. Read More

Curse of the Tomb

One day in May, Simon Prescott, a professor of ancient writing at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, received a call from his friend Dr. Mays. Mays is an archaeologist who has a history of archeology. achievement. On the phone, Mais’s voice was a bit agitated. He said, “Simon, you go online immediately, and I’ll send you something.” Mais sent a few photos, showing some pottery fragments. Mais said.. Read More

Is the app really bugging your life?

People’s demand for initiative in mobile phone data is getting stronger and stronger, but “eavesdropping” is actually difficult to happen on a large scale. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “CaijingEleven” (ID: caijingEleven). Author | Liu Shuqi Edit | Xie Lirong As for the insecurities brought about by apps, more and more people are feeling the pressure. The “App Security Awareness Public Questionnaire Report” released by.. Read More

Help the soul find the body

一 Zhang Ziyu wanted to open a noodle restaurant, so he went to an old local knife-cut noodle restaurant to learn skills. In the early hours of this morning, the noodle shop closed, and the boss and the guys went home one after another. Zhang Tzuyu’s house is far away, and he is laying on the ground in a small shop. When he was ready to go to bed after.. Read More

Tesla cancels the 7-day unreasonable return policy, and new owners no longer enjoy the rights

Recently, Tesla has cut prices frequently. Recently, Tesla suddenly announced the termination of the implementation and offline confidence assurance plan Recently, Tesla suddenly announced the termination of the implementation and discontinuation of the confidence guarantee plan. Car purchase orders after October 16 will no longer enjoy the plan. According to the previous terms of the Confidence Guarantee Program, after purchasing a car, consumers who are not satisfied with a new.. Read More

Meituan, Lan Xiang in the New Era

Produced | Tiger Sniffing Business Group Author | Li Ling Head picture| Tiger Sniff On October 15th, on the first anniversary of Meituan University, 115 “Takeaway Operators” and “Hotel Revenue Managers” received the first batch of professional certificates in China. Practitioners in the service industry that rely on the Internet and digitalization have finally obtained official certification, which means that the entire industry has begun to become professional and standardized… Read More