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A On Friday afternoon, Lin Chen and Fatty asked me to play poker. This is the most popular entertainment in the office. The four of them are very happy in the office for a long time. one thing. But even if I count me, I’m still missing one of the three. This day is very wicked. The fat man ran upstairs and downstairs, and he couldn’t see the deserted person… Read More

Pieces of red on both sides of the chin, with small white particles on it, dry skin

Problem description: There are patches of red on both sides of the chin, with small white particles on it. The skin has been dry and rough for more than a year, and both sides of the nose are also Date of problem:2020-09-07 Patient information: Age: 34 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: According to the symptoms you described, Consider your situation as acne. There are many reasons, including seborrhea or excessive.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily|”Xiaoyang Education” received over 60 million yuan in B+ round of financing, “Win Win Cloud” received tens of millions of pre-A round of financing; and early projects worthy of attention today

The financing news reported by the “Venture Channel”, as well as early-stage entrepreneurial projects in various fields that we are focusing on. Author: Jing Wen Please check the venture capital daily report on October 22. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the “Venture Capital Channel” today, as well as the early start-up projects in various fields we are paying attention to, enjoy! Education Financing disclosure: First.. Read More

Avatar forensics

Such a bizarre story happened in the Kaw Manor on the outskirts of Kaw City, Bolivar Province, USA. One day, by a small river in the Kaw Manor, the local bully Ace bullied the young hired worker Oakes who was working. Oakes was not convinced, and the two fought together. Another hired worker, De Overe, tried to dissuade them, but they didn’t listen to anyone, fighting inextricably together. Oaks hit.. Read More

No. 2 was pierced into the palm of the palm by a mutant tanghorn fish. The current situation is swelling, numbness and pain

Problem description: On the second, a variant of Tangjiao fish stabbed the palm of the hand. The current situation is that the hand is swollen, paralyzed, and painful. The hospital cannot detect what virus is causing the problem.Date of the problem: 2020-09-07 Patient information:Age: 45 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Hello, according to your description, the situation is not clear , Maybe this fish is toxic. Guide and suggestion: The patient’s.. Read More

Cry in the jewelry box

On Friday, Li Qinghong received a call from Xinhua Law Firm. Attorney Li Jia Chengzhong said on the phone that Hong Yu’s aunt had passed away and Hong Yu was mentioned in the will, so Hong Yu and her husband Li Qinghong need to go to the law firm on Sunday to collect the inheritance. Li Qinghong returned home and sighed to Hong Yu: “Oh, that old lady will leave.. Read More

What should you do about this disease?

Problem description: Hepatic encephalopathy, the person is in a semi-comatose state, I don’t understand, I don’t know what to do, can you tell me somethingQuestion date:2020-09-07 Patient information: Age: 57 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: Hello, according to your description, Hepatic encephalopathy is generally patients with liver cancer, cirrhosis, and ascites. Brain coma due to liver disease. Guidelines: This symptom is generally more common in liver cancer and advanced liver.. Read More

Haunted castle

Chad is a student at a university in Greece. He has been adventurous since he was a child. He heard that a castle in a dense forest in southern Greece is often haunted, so he decided to experience it with novelty. After exploring all the way, Chad finally found the castle deep in the dense forest. The castle is antique, looks very spacious, the old luxury is faintly visible, but.. Read More

There are residues in the reexamination 18 days after the drug abortion. The doctor suggested that the palace was cleared. I did not want to clear it.

Problem description: There are residues in the re-examination 18 days after the drug abortion. The doctor suggested that the palace was cleared. I did not want to clear it, so I prescribed Chinese medicine for a week and went home for one week. Is it coming out? There is basically no bleeding now. Question date:2020-09-07 Patient information:Age: 31 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, uneven echoes can be seen in.. Read More

Vampire face

Mrs. Allen lives in a state in the United States. Her husband is a businessman, and they have always lived a good life of food and clothing. Since the death of Alan’s husband, Alan has moved away from the downtown area and bought a villa in a small suburban town not far away, where she plans to live quietly. The environment in that small town is fresh and quiet. On.. Read More