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Dancing Ghost Story: Hong Lingyan

“One da da, two da da… pay attention to the abdomen… five six seven eight… eyes! How did the eyes disappear… this combination is coming again, ready to——” < br/> In the exercise room, a group of young girls wearing black exercise clothes, led by the teacher, performed stretch dance moves to the beautiful melody of the piano. Outside the window, a pair of nice eyes are staring at them.. Read More

The root of the thigh is growing. Baidu checked it is a wart.

Problem description: There is a long thigh root. Baidu checked it and it was a wart. The small fleshy lump that grew before was not painful or itchy. I checked it on the Internet and I didn’t care about it. In the past few days, I have somehow become bigger and swollen. It doesn’t hurt just to touch the extra piece of meat, but it hurts where it connects to.. Read More

Corrupted Fruit

Wu Wu’s mother is a well-known ophthalmologist who works in a well-equipped eye hospital. Although the area where the hospital is located is a bit remote, there is an endless stream of eye disease patients who come to seek medical treatment. The reputation of the hospital has always been very good, but recently there has been some rumors that patients who have recently gone to the hospital will always disappear.. Read More

Hello, I want to ask about my 25th menstrual period. After I came, I used four hibiscus

Problem description: Hello, I would like to ask about my 25th menstrual period. After I came, I used four hibiscus effervescent suppositories, and the last one was two days ago. May I still have it this month Child? Question date:2020-09-09 Patient information:Age: 29 years old Gender: Female Problem analysis: Hello, I am currently taking medication, and it is generally best to wait for the treatment after the menstruation is clean… Read More

Bad breath caused by thick phlegm in the throat

Problem description: Bad breath caused by thick phlegm in the throatDate of the problem: 2020-09-08 Patient information: b>Age: 17 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: Hello, according to your description, this phenomenon is generally more common in bronchitis to produce purulent sputum. Guide and suggestion: According to your description, take cefixime and tinidazole for anti-inflammatory treatment. Pay attention to rule out whether there is sinusitis, oral cavity can also cause bad.. Read More

Skull bashing

Chen Rong is a mountaineering enthusiast. In her junior year, after the summer vacation, she was ready to go hiking again. Classmate Tian Dong called from southeast Guangxi and invited her to climb the Yunkai Mountains at the border of Guangdong and Guangzhou. Tian Dong said that this mountain is not high, with an elevation of only 1274 meters. However, the subtropical jungles of South China cover the sky and.. Read More

There are invisible little Gada on the cheeks, densely packed, itchy, smear things

Problem description: There are invisible little gadas on the cheeks, densely packed, itchy, and they will sting slightly when they are applied. This symptom has been three or four days, and I have been rubbing aloe vera gel. No effectQuestion date:2020-09-08 Patient information:Age: 19 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion Analysis: Hello, according to your description, the situation is not clear, there are many kinds of this kind of pimple. Guide suggestion:.. Read More

Why do I feel more tired after buying an “auto-driving” car?

author: Muzi, Editor: Qin made the original title “autopilot into a gimmick: the letter does not believe selling cars to buy a car,” and from the first map : Unsplash With the rapid increase in the number of users and the emergence of related models, the word automatic (assisted) driving began to appear frequently in related news. On September 22, a car owner drove his ideal ONE on Qingdao G18.. Read More

Detective reasoning: the disappearing crime scene

Wen Wen rents in a family, the house is huge. The landlord and his wife have been married for many years and have no children. Men often work overtime, while women have no work. This evening, Wen Wen came back relatively late, and saw the light still showing through the house. Wen Wen was about to push the door in, and suddenly heard an angry shout: “You say it! Let’s.. Read More

Two days after the expected delivery date, sudden frequent urination for 1 hour, 6, 7 times

Problem description: My expected delivery date has passed two days. Tonight, my fetus moved suddenly and wanted to urinate for an hour. I went 6 to 7 times only a little bit each timeProblem date: 2020-09-09 Patient information:Age: 25 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, according to you If you don’t have time to live, pay attention to rest and observe. Guide and suggestion: If you are going to give birth,.. Read More