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Hua Mulan in the business world, “real ladies” high-ranking illustrations

Whether it is a daughter or a son, contemporary Chinese family businesses are facing a big problem: a generation of people from poverty to wealth is usually inseparable from their own abilities and fortunes, they have created a very high platform for the next generation to take off, but very It is difficult for children to experience the taste. To borrow the famous saying of the revisionist thinker Bernstein, “Sports.. Read More

Midnight horror swing

Swinging on a swing The woman was awakened by urine in the middle of the night. She got off the kang and looked for the urinal on the ground in the dark, but did not find it for a while. I lit the oil lamp and saw that there was no urinal in the room, 80% of the men were lazy and didn’t bring it in. She angrily punched the.. Read More

I want to ask if I can do this type of surgery

Problem description: I have had sex many times, and the opening is still quite big. Can I still do repair surgery like this?Date of the problem: 2020-09 -08 Patient information:Age: 32 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, from the description of this situation, consider doing hymen Repair treatment. Guide and suggestion: You can go to the gynecology department or plastic surgery hospital of the local hospital for hymen repair treatment. Recommendations.. Read More

Game of Thrones between idols and fans: “I can make you, and I can destroy you”

This article is from WeChat official account: your lap – Tencent News (ID: entguiquan) , Author: JIAJIA, the original title: “Xiao Zhan said love It is equal to unemployment. There is also a game of power between idols and fans.” Source of head picture: “Chen Qing Ling” The year 2020 will be bad for many idols. Fans who are in the big events are like Xiao Zhan, who are caught.. Read More

Internet cafe ghost story delta

“Boss, open two machines, thirteen and fourteen…” I patted the money on the counter. The boss glanced at me, opened his mouth, wanted to say something, then stopped, just sighed deeply, waved at me, and signaled that I can pass . The two computers in the corner, I don’t know if the numbers are not auspicious enough, or because the owner of the Internet cafe specially left them for me… Read More

The old man can’t speak clearly and can’t distinguish people

Problem description: At the age of 87, the patient fell over more than ten days ago. He kept saying that he had back pain, but he was able to walk with his arms. Suddenly on September 7, he found that the old man was talking nonsense and could not distinguish between people. Question date:2020-09-08 Patient information:Age: 87 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: It is a common phenomenon for the elderly.. Read More

Roses in the suburbs

This morning, Xiaona and her female colleagues went outing in the suburbs. As soon as she got to the outskirts, she was separated from everyone. After looking for a long time, she didn’t find a companion, which immediately depressed her happy mood. In the end, she simply stopped looking, and walked blindly in the suburbs. Suddenly, Xiaona walked into a meadow full of roses. She immediately became happy, the roses.. Read More

Intensifying corporate office work, Tencent Enterprise WeChat and Panwei Network jointly release a mobile office platform

Unlike previous investments at the Tencent group level, this is the first time that the corporate WeChat team has made a strategic investment in a cooperative enterprise. The two parties have cooperated very early. Tencent Enterprise WeChat and Panwei Network jointly release mobile office platform Recently, Tencent’s Enterprise WeChat and Fanwei Networks released the “Internal and External Collaborative Mobile Office Platform” for enterprises In-depth cooperation with high-level offices. The platform.. Read More

Nowhere to put

The snail dwelling of the ants This month, Fan Wei’s business volume fell to a new freezing point again. For Fan Wei, who earns income from commissions, this means that his life will also drop to a freezing point. Fan Wei decided to move and move to a place where rent is not required. A new commercial house was built in the northwest corner of the city. The dramatic thing.. Read More