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Laser c6 treatment of Ota mole on the scalp will affect hair growth

Problem description: Does laser c6 treatment of Ota mole on the scalp affect the growth of hair? How long will it take to grow hair? Question date:2020-09-13 Patient information:Age: 2 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, laser removal of Ota mole, directly on the scalp, will definitely affect hair follicles and affect hair growth. As for when the hair grows, it depends on the degree of damage. If the hair.. Read More

Three stories about taxi night

Introduction: As we all know, taxi drivers can always meet all kinds of people, but who knows, they also meet all kinds of ghosts… The first one: Take a car and throw a tire It has been a hard day for Liu. Because of the light rain today, the taxi business is particularly good, and a lot has been gained in one day. The lunch at noon is eaten in.. Read More

Ghost stories in the country

The rustic folks like to tell ghost stories, and they can’t finish talking about ghost stories for three days and three nights. I remember that the first story I met with ghosts was when I was twelve years old. In fact, no one knows whether there are ghosts and no one sees them. However, the villagers talked about ghost stories with serious expressions, absolutely very religious. If you dare to.. Read More

Venture Capital Daily | “Deep Intelligence” completed tens of millions of angel round financing; and early projects worthy of attention today

The financing news reported by the “Venture Channel”, as well as early-stage entrepreneurial projects in various fields that we are focusing on. The financing news reported by the “Venture Channel”, as well as early-stage entrepreneurial projects in various fields that we are focusing on. Please check the Venture Capital Daily on October 30. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the “Venture Capital Channel” today, as well.. Read More

Crow’s mouth

Wu Yazui, because the homophony is the same as the crow’s mouth, and several times what she said happened to happen, so the name spread throughout the class. Today, she guessed the tragic ending of the male protagonist in the Korean drama again, and she was complained by Xiao Ting, the top shop, for a long time. Wu Yazui, who was lying on the bed, couldn’t fall asleep over and.. Read More

It’s the first time on July 4th that I feel like I missed it

Problem description: For the first time on July 4th, I felt like I missed a contraceptive pill that I took in the afternoon, but I didn’t clean it in time. Then on the 10th of the month, the retreat bleeding was quite painful. For many days, I didn’t come to my aunt in August, and on September 8th of this month, the bloody brown color was darker, but the amount.. Read More

Can I use barrier cream and sunscreen for acne on my face?

Problem description:Is it possible to use barrier cream and sunscreen for acne cream on my face?Question date:2020-09-13 Patients Information: Age: 17 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, acne is caused by skin inflammation caused by the strong secretion of skin oil and clogged pores. Guidance suggestion: It is recommended not to use other skin care products after applying ointment, and do not apply sunscreen to avoid adverse reactions. Recommendations are for.. Read More

Do remote vision, foresight, sixth sense, and special functions really exist?

This article is from WeChat official account:neural reality (ID: neureality), author: Cao Anjie, original title” CIA black history: tracking psychic who “head Figure from: the movie” miracles “ In the early 1970s, Russel Targ moved to Menlo Park. This small California city, which is now the center of Silicon Valley and an important technology town, was still a hot spot for hippies. There are young people with beatles talking about.. Read More

The eyes are uncomfortable. The patient underwent cataract surgery in 2014.

Problem description: The patient underwent cataract surgery in 2014 and the postoperative response was good. Recently, it is particularly sensitive to white light, and the colored light is weak. Due to the interference of white light, it is blurred to see things. During the physical examination, the patterns and numbers in the ophthalmological physical examination atlas cannot be recognized, but a single color can be easily recognized, and the eyes.. Read More

Little match girl

, There is nothing unusual, just like the previous ones. “Wang Hua took a pen and paper to quickly record the data on the instrument. Xie Xie nodded, “If there is any abnormality, please notify me. Do everything possible to wake him up. “ This winter was extremely cold. Xie Xie and two of them were pushing their motorcycles and passing by a community. The children inside were piled up.. Read More