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Hello, doctor, my lumbar spine caused all the lower body, buttocks, feet, and vagina

Problem description: Hello, doctor, my lumbar spine caused all the lower body, buttocks, feet, vagina, and anus. It was very uncomfortable. The muscles of the lower body were painful when pressed. Lumbar problems were all For several years, I have watched it and failed to cure it. What should I do? Question date:2020-09-13 Patient information:Age: 28 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: According to your description, the symptoms are not very.. Read More

The third corpse in the funeral home

Before writing this story, let me say something that is indeed accidental or irrelevant. I drank a lot of wine last night, and went home to sleep at eight o’clock after dinner. I slept around one midnight, woke up thirsty, got out of bed and drank a lot of water, then went back to bed, confused and unable to sleep again. So I turned on the TV, and the late.. Read More

Hello doctor, I would like to ask, can acne be treated by dermatology?

Problem description: Hello doctor, I would like to ask, can acne be treated by dermatology? student. How about the cost? Question date:2020-09-14 Patient information:Age: 20 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, acne is acne, which can be diagnosed and treated by dermatology. Guidelines: In this case, the cost of using drugs alone is not high, about 100 yuan. Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go.. Read More

A brick

一 Kong Lancheng missed and wounded others, and it has been a year since he was at large. The fleeing life is not easy, and the soul seems to have been following him. It’s relatively safe to be alone, but from time to time, he drew a whirlwind and rushed straight on his body, frightening him to ward off evil spirits while dodging. The crowded places are very popular, and.. Read More

What to do if you have no sense of sex

Problem description: I didn’t feel at all when making love, I was eager to have a sensual sexQuestion date:2020-09-13 Patient information:Age: 18 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, from the description of this situation, at this age, the level of sexual organs and sex hormones in the body is not developed Mature, so I can’t experience sexual pleasure. Guide suggestion: It is recommended to cultivate some useful interests and hobbies, divert.. Read More

Last wish

The mother-in-law was lying on a bench, already dead, depending on the extent of the decay, she had been dead for at least four or five days. It turned out that what I met before was… Niu Dageng bowed his head respectfully, and tears fell: “Old man, don’t worry, I’ve taken care of your son’s affairs…” br> Everyone was agitated after listening. At this time, the glasses began to clear.. Read More

My butt has a small bag on my left buttocks

Problem description: A small bag is long and worn on the left buttocksDate of the problem:2020-09-13 Patient information:Age: 26 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: Hello, from the uploaded pictures, consider the symptoms caused by local boils and infections in the buttocks. Guide suggestion: It is recommended to rinse with hydrogen peroxide, normal saline, orally with cephalosporin drugs. If the symptoms cannot be relieved, surgical treatment may be considered. At ordinary.. Read More

To provide consumers with fresh food such as vegetables, fish and meat, “FreshToHome” received another US$121 million in Series C financing

ect-link” data-id=”258858″ data-name=”mir” data-logo=”″ data-refer-type=”2″ href=”https ://″ target=”_blank”>Mir Nadu), as well as livestock farmers and fishermen in the UAE, purchase high-quality meat and fish, and then sell them on FreshToHome . Shan Kadavil said that this year’s new crown epidemic has also changed consumers’ shopping behavior. Many offline consumers have turned to online, and e-commerce platforms have become the first choice for sellers to shop. FreshToHome promises “100% fresh and.. Read More

Sing to death

Someone sings for money, and some sings to death, it doesn’t matter whether the singing is bad or not. ——Inscription Early morning is a small and famous woman in the local area. Her singing is very good, and she is also beautiful. There are also rich second generations in the local area. “Chenchen, sing a song to me.” Jiang Wen took Chenchen’s little hand to act like a baby. Jiang.. Read More

Left back pain, how to treat it.

Problem description: Back pain, for half a month, obvious when working, occasionally when driving, CT has done no problemProblem date: 2020-09-13 Patient information:Age: 42 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis:Okay, as long as your situation is ct check , There is no disc herniation, that is psoas fibritis. Guide and suggestion: The main situation is rest. It can be used to treat severe heat and pain with anti-inflammatory and painkillers. You.. Read More