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The Drunken Tomb of Rural Ghosts

Almost out of his throat. c1(); I slowly opened my eyes, and in the dimness, black graves appeared before my eyes. I don’t know if I’m scared or uncomfortable. My intestines and stomach are still tumbling violently, and the digestives inside are fiddled with fearlessness. Suddenly a peculiar smell hits my nostrils, my stomach shrinks, and my mouth is very cooperative On the ground, with a “wow” filth burst out,.. Read More

Bleeding from the nail of the toe

Problem description:Blood was smashed from the middle of the big mother’s nailsDate of the problem:2020-09-14 Patient information: b>Age: 17 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis: I personally suggest to pay attention first to observe whether the blood continues to expand. Guide suggestion: If the congestion continues to shrink and does not continue to expand, this should be no problem. If the congestion continues to expand to the entire nail, it needs.. Read More

Eczema is not good for more than half a year

Problem description: The eczema has not been cured for more than half a year. The hospital medication has no effect.The date of the problem: 2020-09-14 Patient information:< /b>Age: 46 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Eczema is a chronic skin damage disease. I personally recommend that patients need to see a Chinese doctor. Guiding suggestions: Although it is only a skin disease, it generally means that the patient’s visceral function has.. Read More

Black head

I am an introvert, very introverted. When I was young, my parents quarreled and dragged me between them. Dad lifted me by my hair, hung in the air, shaking like a hanged ghost. Then my father raised my face in front of my mother’s face and yelled at her: “Look at your good daughter! Nothing! The grades are not good!” Tearing my face: “What’s your daughter! What’s your daughter! Obviously.. Read More

Hello, experts, there is no inspection result, just notify the re-inspection, if the re-inspection only this

Problem description: Hello, experts, there is no inspection result, just notify the re-inspection, if the re-inspection only needs to check these two, the other is the result at the time, so I asked if it is required to re-inspect Are there any diseases in these two areas, and if so, what diseases may be?Question date: 2020-09-14 Patient information:Age : Gender: Problem analysis: In fact, the most common clinical problem is.. Read More

Just bitten by a cat. Does your hospital have a rabies vaccine?

Problem description: I was just bitten by a cat. Does your hospital still have a rabies vaccine?Question date: 2020-09-14 Patient information: Age: 21 years old Gender: Male Problem analysis: Hello, you need a rabies vaccine if you are scratched by a cat. We are here for online consultation and do not provide medical services. Guide suggestion: It is recommended that you immediately wash with soapy water for 20 minutes and.. Read More

Big foot bone, hereditary, mother is big foot bone

Problem description: Bigfoot, hereditary, mother is bigfootDate of problem:2020-09-14 Patient Information: Age: 25 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: There is no particularly good treatment for this inherited one. It can be corrected by surgery now. Guide and suggestion: The painful price of surgical correction is also relatively large, so consult a professional orthopedic surgeon to see if there are conservative methods. Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is.. Read More

Samsung Moon will become a fairy

Sandaogang, they were shocked when they came to Meiling. c2(); A large piece of rock and earth slipped from Meiling, and a huge hole appeared. Outside the hole, a white marble staircase can be seen vaguely. Chen Xi was pleasantly surprised. This is probably another archaeological discovery that shocked the world. Just when she was ecstatic, He Hao also came over, watching the carvings on the white marble inch by.. Read More

Have a history of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and took 1 box of 72 Gynecological Qianjin tablets one month ago

Problem description: For a previous history of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, I took 1 box of 72 Gynecological Qianjin Tablets and bleeding occurred after the intercourse one month ago. There was also a little blood on the vaginal secretions. Take half a box of Gynecological Qianjin Tablets. There is a little blood in the front part of the condom after the intercourse today. What should I do if I use.. Read More

Grievance well

r/> “Bought two mirrors?” Qin Long was quite surprised. “Yes. I have two mahogany makeup mirrors hanging here to avoid evil. I walk through the complaint well every day, and I use it to cover my eyes. She is curious, and heard of the complaint well. I have to buy a mirror.” The vendor said, “Because she was willing to bid, I sold it to her, and I found someone.. Read More