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Yesterday, when I went to bed at 3 in the morning, my eyes were very swollen.

Problem description: Yesterday at 3 o’clock in the morning, the eyes were swollen very badly. This time, the swelling is different. It’s just that the double eyelids are swollen without pain. >Question date:2020-09-19 Patient information:Age: 14 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Swelling The degree is not particularly obvious. It is recommended not to drink too much water before sleeping. Guidelines: To maintain a good sleeping posture, avoid local compression for.. Read More

Swollen anus after stool

Problem description: There is a swelling in the anus after defecation, and it will recover on its own after a while without pain. Question date:2020-09-19 Patient information:Age: 38 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, from the picture, the main consideration is caused by hemorrhoids perianal abscess. Guidelines: You should always drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and don’t eat greasy, spicy and irritating food. It is recommended.. Read More

The operation on August 5th this year, today on September 19th, there are still 8 nails

Problem description: The surgery performed on August 5th this year, today on September 19th, there are still 8 nails missingDate of the problem: 2020-09 -19 Patient information: Age: 30 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: I suggest you describe the problem clearly, what nail you are talking about Mean? Guidelines: Ask why you didn’t take out the nails? How do nails get into the body? Recommendations are for reference only. If.. Read More

Girlfriend has a cold

Problem description: My girlfriend got a headache in the morning. It may be that she didn’t change clothes yesterday and caught a cold. She has had a cold for a few days. The other thing is headache and hoarseness. What kind of medicine should I buy? Question date:2020-09-19 Patient information:Age: 20 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, for headaches and sore throat caused by a cold, you can take acetaminophen.. Read More

Swelling after circumcision, (4o days), may be circumcision

Problem description: The circumcision has been swelling all the time, (4o days), is it possible that the circumcision is short?Date of the problem: 2020-09- 19 Patient information:Age: 14 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis:The situation first consider whether the patient has edema after circumcision The problem. Guidelines: The main reason is that the collateral circulation has not been fully established, and the edema will gradually disappear after establishment. Recommendations are for.. Read More

Doctor, there is condyloma acuminatum virus in my vagina, it doesn’t work, I see you follow him

Problem description:Doctor, I have condyloma acuminatum virus in my vagina. I can’t help it. I saw that the Chinese medicine you prescribed with other patients can be prescribed for me? I’m in Shijiazhuang and can’t go. Can you send it to me there? Question date:2020-09-19 Patient information:Age: 31 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Patients with this condition may also be positive for human papillomavirus, and this virus will directly induce.. Read More

The history of Internet company buying property

This article is fromWeChat official account: Economic Observer (ID: eeo-com-cn) , author: Ding Wenting (economic Observer reporter), title figure from the visual China On November 2, a team of thousands of people by Bytedance settled in Fangheng Fashion Center, North Third Ring Road, Haidian District, Beijing, and officially opened the office. This is the first self-owned office building acquired by ByteDance for 5 billion yuan in 2019. Only one or.. Read More

I have broken the back of my hand for 3 and a half months and I still can’t hold all my hands.

Problem description: Hello doctor, I have three broken backs of hands, what should I do if I have a hand but I can’t hold all of themDate of the problem:2020-09-19 Patient information:Age: 33 years old, Gender: MaleProblem analysis: I don’t know how the patient will deal with the fracture. It is recommended to go to the hospital for x-ray To review the fracture. Guiding suggestions: At the same time, it.. Read More

Occasionally dry cough, about two days, no cold symptoms, no fever and runny nose

Problem description: Occasionally dry cough, about two days or so, no cold symptoms, no fever or runny nose, in good condition, Date of problem:2020-09-19 Patient information:Age: May Gender: MaleProblem analysis: The child is still young, so you need to pay attention to the posture and method of breastfeeding to prevent choking Caused by milk. Guidelines: There is no fever, no cold symptoms, but occasional dry cough. If the cough is.. Read More