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How to treat high cortisol

Problem description: I went to the hospital and found that the cortisol was high. Now my temper has become a little bad and irritable. How can I treat it? Question date:2020-09-22 Patient information:Age: 27 Sex: MaleClinical surgery for high cortisol treatment. If cortisol rises, first observe the degree of rise. If it is a mild rise, you can temporarily observe it first, without clinical intervention. If the increase is more.. Read More

What disease will high cortisol get

Problem description: I found high corticosterone during a comprehensive physical examination. Will this disease cause other diseases? Question date:2020-09-22 Patient information:Age: 28 Gender: MaleHigh cortisol can lead to cortisol Hyperplasia, obesity and other symptoms. Cortisol is a glucocorticoid hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex. Its main function is to increase gluconeogenesis. It is divided into free and combined forms. If cortisol is high, it may cause metabolic disorders of sugar,.. Read More

What is the cause of high cortisol

Problem description: After a thorough physical examination, it was found that corticosterone was high. What caused the expert? Question date:2020-09-22 Patient information:Age: 28 Sex: MaleThere are many reasons for high cortisol Cause. If the patient’s long-term use of exogenous glucocorticoids causes an increase in cortisol, central obesity, thin skin, and various small vellus hairs on the face, it is called iatrogenic Cushing’s syndrome. If the cause is in the adrenal.. Read More