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I want to eat at night, it’s really not because you have poor self-control

This article is from WeChat official account:Doctor Ding Xiang (ID: DingXiangYiSheng)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Xu Yiyi, chestnuts A Sun, from the head of FIG: unsplash There are many laws in this world: The law of “Say Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived”; The law of “it is said that you must work overtime on punctuality”; The law of “you must see a crush if you don’t wash your hair”,.. Read More

Stars get together to open hot pot restaurants, this is not good

Produced by Tiger Sniffing Business Team Author|Gegentana Title Map|CFP People who often use short video software know that the figures of celebrities are getting lower and lower. Whether you are a food blogger, a car blogger, a beauty blogger, or a couple blogger, as long as you have a certain number of fans, you will have the opportunity to co-produce Douyin with celebrities. Sometimes, the star’s purpose is to promote.. Read More

Diabetes recipes

Diabetes is more harmful to patients, and the incidence of this disease is getting higher and higher. When diabetes occurs, it should be treated in time and pay attention to the patient’s diet. Through a reasonable diet, the treatment of diseases can also bring a good effect, so what are the diabetes recipes? 1. Ribs stewed with peas Soy foods contain very low blood sugar. No matter what kind of.. Read More

Why did Inner Mongolia build the villa in the toilet?

When the city did nucleic acid testing for relevant personnel in logistics and 4S stores, it also requisitioned Qingcheng Station as a nucleic acid testing site. It is said that it is warm and safe. You can eat and drink without fear of being anxious. Those who have been there say it is good. Many people are popular, and even if the toilet is red, there are thieves who are.. Read More

Rural Epic “Mountain and Sea”

“Soil” to the extreme is the “true” Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “drama focal line” (ID: TVfocus), Author: drama focal line editorial department. Wen丨Cai Jingling Edit丨Zhang Fengyi Douban has a score of 9.1, and the score of more than half of the episodes on the air has risen to 9.4. This tribute drama celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party-“Mountains and Seas”,.. Read More

Can the aging of the brain be reversed?

This article is from WeChat official account:Geekheal (ID: geekheal_com) , author: Tan Master, the original title: “ heavy: adjust the immune cell metabolism, or can reverse brain aging! Stanford scientists have discovered that restoring the abnormal metabolic state of myeloid cells such as macrophages can reverse aging-related cognitive decline. The first picture is from: “Super Body” stills No one wants to grow old, whether it’s body or mind, it’s okay.. Read More

Mouth tasteless

Everything you eat will feel no taste in your mouth. I believe this is something that many people have experienced. This situation will have a serious impact on people’s normal appetite , It can also cause many problems in the body, so when there is no taste in the mouth, the cause should be found and treated in time. So what are the reasons for the tasteless mouth? First of.. Read More

Male, 58 years old, just started to urinate and urinate a little bit painful with bloodshot eyes, also high fever

Problem description: Male, at the age of 58 he just started to urinate and urinate a little bit painful and bloodshot, and also has a high fever. The injection at the home service agency was useless. He took some anti-inflammatories and cold medicines. I went to the County People’s Hospital for an examination, CT, blood test, urine test, and sputum test. Now I have been in the People’s Doctor Ruan.. Read More

The madness of Shanghai’s property market regulation “Eve”

This article is from WeChat official account:Time Weekly (ID: timeweekly)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Tong Jie , the original title: “Shanghai property market regulation” eve “madness: second-hand housing stock one hour on the transaction, The landlord is eager to change the lease for sale”, the title picture comes from: Vision China The actual undercurrents behind the climax of the Shanghai market, third parties and sellers have caught the buyer’s.. Read More

What are iron-containing foods

Iron is an essential nutrient in the human body. If the body lacks iron, it is easy to cause anemia. Therefore, you should usually eat more iron-containing foods. The iron content in food is very high, so that the symptoms of anemia can be avoided. So what are the iron-containing foods? First of all, meat foods are high in iron, especially lean meat. You can usually choose some chicken, pig.. Read More