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Sudden rash

Problem description: Description of the condition (time of onset, main symptoms, changes in symptoms, etc.): I don’t know what I touched, I have a sudden rash, redness, swelling and hot itching, low-grade fever, what is the cause, and how to treat it.< br />Question date:2020-10-07 Patient information:Age: 19 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis:< /b>In this case, it is recommended that you send out a picture of the skin damage. I.. Read More

Semiconductor test equipment manufacturer Lasertec: Be the king of niche markets

Lasertec, a Japanese semiconductor test equipment manufacturer, is continuing to grow with EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) test equipment, which accounts for the largest share of the world. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Nikkei Chinese net” (ID: rijingzhongwenwang), Author: Nikkei Chinese network. Lasertec, a Japanese semiconductor test equipment manufacturer, is continuing to grow with EUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) test equipment, which accounts for the largest share of the.. Read More

What is a blind box? It is the real “wealth code”

This article is from WeChat official account:Operation Research Society, author: glowing, title figure from: vision China Recently, I used Douyin and I got an internet celebrity who claimed to be the “first person in China’s trademark”, claiming that he was “a country rich in intellectual property rights”. How did he become “rich as an enemy country”? According to this boss’s dictation, he holds 4000+ trademarks, which does not include the.. Read More

What is going on with blood in the stool, does it affect the body?

Problem description: What is going on with blood in the stool, does it affect the body? Question date:2020-10-07 Patient information:Age: 45 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, do you have blood dripping out after stool, or is your stool dark red? Guide and suggestion: If the stool is dark red, then consider that there is gastrointestinal bleeding. If blood drips out after stool, it is hemorrhoids or anal fissure. Recommendations.. Read More

How to eat DHA

Many mothers will supplement their babies with DHA. DHA has a very good effect on baby’s intellectual development and vision development. However, when you give your baby DHA, you should also decide based on your baby’s age and actual situation. When you eat DHA, you should also master the correct way to take it, so that it can bring better results. So how to eat DHA? DHA is divided into.. Read More

Tingling of lower body during menstruation

Problem description: On the fifth day of menstruation, I almost cleaned up, and found a small pustule-like thing underneath that was red and swollen. There was a tingling pain, even when I walked, I didn’t feel it. ? ? Question date:2020-10-07 Patient information:Age: 30 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion analysis: Hello, according to what you have described so far, this should be folliculitis of the vulva. Guidelines: This is mainly caused.. Read More

It’s a man who goes down 100 floors. What happens when you go down 100 floors?

This article is from WeChat official account:Qubits (ID: QbitAI)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: side policy, Yang net, Title of the original text: “ There is really a hidden plot! B station up has been cracked for several months, the original author likes and thanks”, the head picture comes from: NS-Shaft “If you are a man, go down 100 floors”, it is the most popular flash game and hot casual.. Read More

Can oranges be eaten

Oranges are rich in nutrition, with a sweet taste and golden color, which is very attractive. I believe many friends like to eat oranges. Oranges also contain a lot of vitamins. Regular consumption of oranges is good for the body, but not all people are suitable for eating oranges. So can children eat oranges? Can children eat oranges Although the taste of oranges is relatively sweet, many people like to.. Read More

The person who designed the cubicle has apologized to the world for it all his life

This article is from WeChat official account:LinkedIn (ID: LinkedIn-China) , author: 2 37 degrees, from FIG title: visual China “Many companies just make some small and narrow cubicles and stuff people in.” Robert Propst, the father of “The Grid Room”, designed the Office of Invention Action in the early 20th century. (The prototype of the Grid Room) 30 years later, it has started Regret for its abuse. Until his death,.. Read More

DeepMind, OpenAI, FAIR, who is the world’s top AI laboratory?

If you ask researchers, what are the strongest AI laboratories in the world? Everyone must be “radish and cabbage, each has their own love”, but it is certain that the top three will not waver: DeepMind, OpenAI and FAIR. However, some people also questioned that the reputation of these three laboratories is not good, and there are also elements of “forced public relations”. This article is from WeChat official account:Xinzhiyuan.. Read More