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Domestic dramas move towards the era of great inflation

This article is from WeChat official account:Entertainment Capital Theory, author: Yali, FIG head source:” rivers 2 “ Some time ago, the main creator of the “Tourist Inspection Team” questioned the ratings of “Dajiang Dahe 2” on Weibo, and the ratings of Sofore City were seriously polluted, which caused quite a bit of controversy. According to screenwriter Yu Fei, the ratings of Kuyun for “Tour Inspection Team” are 4 times that.. Read More

Behind the K12 capital war, who will be the next 100 billion market capitalization giant?

Should changes, stabilize expansion, and control risks, the future can be expected. Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “Multi whale” (ID: DJEDUINNO), of: Siqi. In the past few months, several K12 giants frantically “absorbed money” in the primary and secondary markets, occupying the largest and most active seat in the education capital market in 2020 . “Sucking money” is not only reflected in the amount of a.. Read More

How to become a master skier?

This video Author: paperclip PaperClip This is us, first arrived at the ski resort, ecstatic. This is Gu Ailing, 17 years old this year. This is her champion performance at the 2020 Lausanne Winter Youth Olympics. How should we conquer the snow field? This is a ski resort. Whenever the ski season comes, the ski resort will use such a snow machine to make snow artificially. The principle of snow.. Read More

Beijing Subway Strange Story: The Bizarre Missing and Phantom in the Tunnel

Produced | Tiger Sniffing Young Group Author | Suwon melon seeds Title image| Instagram This article was first published on Huxiuyoung content public account “That NG” (ID: huxiu4youth). Here, we present the faces, stories and attitudes of young people today. Every time, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, especially Beijing, the problem of excessive commuting time for office workers will be heatedly discussed. Coupled with the faces that are not awake or.. Read More

My year-end awards have fallen through

Shenran (shenrancaijing) original, of: Dawn, Tangya Hua, Jin Yu Fan, Wei Jie, Zhou Jifeng, SU Qi, Li Qiuhan, Editor: Wei Jia, head of FIG. Source: IC photo There is still half a month away for the Spring Festival. The workers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have started to discuss two topics. One is that Spring Energy Saving cannot return to their hometown, and the other is whether there is.. Read More

Whether the iPhone 13 can use the 120Hz high refresh rate screen depends on it

Maintain the battery life after the screen is enlarged. LTPO is a new screen backplane technology in the industry. Compared with another OLED backplane technology, IGZO, it can dynamically adjust the refresh rate of the screen, and can even flexibly change between 1Hz and 60 Hz, thereby reducing screen power. Consumption. And the real maturity of this technology on Apple Watch will have to wait until Apple Watch 5. In.. Read More

Zheng Shuang finally didn’t understand how to make his own App

This article is from WeChat official account:Hedgehog Commune, the original title:” Zheng Shuang finally did not understand how to do their App “author: to cold, editor: principal. The title picture comes from Visual China. There is the concept of “quasi-social communication” in psychology, which is used to describe the relationship between media users and public figures: some media audiences will have a certain attachment to public figures and develop an.. Read More

Observe the 7 habits during conversation and judge a person’s true character

From the beginning, tell you whether a person is worth making friends. The Translation Bureau is a subordinate translation team, focusing on science and technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: In daily conversations, we can easily discover the personality traits of others through small details. If a person has the 7 behaviors listed in this article.. Read More

Xiami, Wukong Q&A, Rice Talk: Obituaries of the Forsaken Being Late

Death is not the end of life, forgetting is eternal demise. For them, all obituaries are late. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Internet arena” (ID: VIPIT1), Author: Internet arena team. Beginning in 2021, we have witnessed the fall of one product after another. When some products disappear, no one pays attention to obituaries. In fact, the products are just like human beings. I am most.. Read More

The last group of matrilineal members of society in China

This article is from WeChat official account:One ​​( ID: yitiaotv), editor: Xie Yimin, editor in charge: Shi Ming, source of head picture: “Naren Shuo” In October 2020, the documentary “Naren Shuo” was launched. For the first time, we saw 25 Mosuo people collectively appear on the camera and speak: Who are we? The Mosuo tribe is the only matrilineal clan society that still exists in China. “Walking marriage” is the.. Read More