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Belly growling

During pregnancy, many women will always pay attention to their physical health. They are always worried that if they do not pay attention to them, they will affect the health of the fetus. When they find that they have abnormal symptoms, they will worry It is because the fetus is abnormal, so you can understand that the body has some symptoms, and you can take countermeasures in life. So, what’s.. Read More

Video number holds up seven trillion Tencent

Many times, some people say that it is “small steps and fast running” to make products. At the same time, functions such as rewarding, beautification, live broadcasting, etc. have been opened. The development iteration speed is so fast that almost every update will usher in the attention of more participants. At the same time, the traffic of almost all service scenarios in WeChat supports importing video numbers, that is to.. Read More

How to make ribs soup

Spare ribs are foods that we often eat in our lives, especially the ribs soup is a soup delicacy on the table. The ribs have high nutritional value and contain high calcium. Drinking ribs soup can provide the protein needed by the body, especially pregnant women can drink ribs soup, which can promote fetal development, and can also supplement the nutrition that pregnant women need. You may wish to drink.. Read More

Trend business behind the “shoe wall”

Buying shoes and returning shoes is becoming a possibility. Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Lazy Bear Sports” (ID: lanxiongsports), Author: Xin Xiaotong. I don’t know if sneaker enthusiasts have this feeling-the number of special edition shoe boxes has increased significantly in the past two years. Major brands have come up with their killers, design and creativity, so that this sneaker derivative has become as popular.. Read More

Behind the crazy growth, the “worries” of Zoom

“Zoom Fatigue” who is behind? Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Rays Society” (ID: Globalinsights), Author: Eric Leah. < /p> “Looking back on the days in April, the CMO and I were too busy to sleep in turn. It was really crazy,” said Ms. COO Bawa of Zoom, an American video conference company. In 2020, Zoom has become a household name. “Although those days were tiring,.. Read More

New Oriental Online: revenue of 680 million yuan, K12 contributed 340 million, marketing and personnel costs surged

If the business grows in the future, it will not be able to offset many high cost growth rates. Even if the new growth point has progressed, it is still difficult to say: in the next stage, this online company with “diversified business structure and still has a gap in revenue compared with the top company” can “break through and then get the upper hand”. Editor’s note: This article is.. Read More

A portrait of your life: As soon as the bridge was repaired, the river escaped

This article is from WeChat official account:Guokr (ID: Guokr42)< span class = "text-remarks">, author: Tangshuang Li, Li Xiaokui, editor: Luna, from FIG head: Pinterest In the winter of 1998 in Central America, the New Choluteca Bridge (New Choluteca Bridge) in Honduras felt extremely cold. It stood motionless on the shore and watched the river flow away without looking back not far from it. The bridge in the golden sunlight does.. Read More

From the sidelines of photography and writing, I have summarized three lessons

I am a real estate practitioner. The Translation Bureau is a subordinate translation team, focusing on science and technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on introducing new foreign technologies, new perspectives, and new trends. Editor’s note: It’s not difficult to have a side business. While engaged in the busy real estate industry, the author has two side businesses, photography and writing, and summed up the three most important.. Read More

2020 new tea drink investment and financing resumption: how many opportunities are there for the sinking market?

Author: He Zhexin, editor: Zhong Rui, design: Chen Amman, Sun Wenyu, sparse Rui, title figure from the visual China 2020 is a year of growth and transformation for new tea drinks. After a brief shutdown at the beginning of the year, tea shops ushered in “retaliatory consumption” with online ordering, and recovered rapidly. Capital’s enthusiasm for the tea-drinking track is also undiminished. In 2020, there were 18 financings for tea-drinking.. Read More

The Chinese New Year stall counts down to 13 days. Has the “first stall” after two years of absence changed?

Chinese New Year stall readings: Type accelerate diversification, competitive differentiation pattern forming new marketing model floor Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Mirror entertainment” (ID: jingxiangyule), Author: Liang Jialie,Editor: Zhang Fengyi. On January 23, 2020, the Spring Festival stalls were announced to be cancelled. Now, the “first stall” after two years of absence is back again. As the Spring Festival approaches, the number of single-day want-to-view.. Read More