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Can the beans be eaten?

Carob is a particularly delicious food. Not only can it be braised or fried, but it is also very nutritious. It is a favorite food for many people, but it is special together. During this period, many people worry that eating will have an impact. For example, during pregnancy, can beans be eaten during pregnancy? Can pregnant women eat beans? Carob is edible, and pregnant women can also eat it,.. Read More

From the top 100 UP list, look at the content creation trend of station B in 2021

Games, knowledge, pan-life, pan-entertainment, which direction attracts you? Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Kahn Data” (ID: caasdata6), Author: Zhang Muzi. 2020 is a crucial year for Station B to move from the niche two-dimensional to the general public. This year, Station B started with a milestone New Year’s Eve party, and used “After the Wave” to leap into the public’s field of vision, and then.. Read More

Krypton Evening News | Yi Gang talks about Ant IPO: follow the law, there will be good results; Kuaishou subscribes for the first day of new hotspots; FF will be listed within 2 weeks at the earliest, Geely will participate

Kuaishou Margin has oversubscribed by 80 times Large Companies Yi Gang responded to whether Ant IPO will resume: following the law, there will be good results At the 2021 World Economic Forum “Davos Agenda” Dialogue, the Governor of the Central Bank, Yi Gang, responded to the host’s proposal on whether Ant Group will resume its IPO. Yi Gang said, “I want to say, follow normal laws. Program, there will be.. Read More

5 years to attract 2.6 billion yuan. Why is Blue Arrow Aerospace?

Speaking is a lesson and a valuable asset. To say it is wealth, it means that Blue Arrow Aerospace ran through all the launching procedures of the carrier rocket, and more importantly, it played a great warning role for the subsequent development. In 2019, Blue Arrow Aerospace’s engines and rocket products continued to make technological breakthroughs, and continued to realize Zhang Changwu’s phrase “Use technical solutions to achieve, to be.. Read More

Knowing the dilemma of transformation: from the elite to the young, do you have to rely on listing to continue?

In 2017, a commercialization team with a scale of more than 400 people was formed, and the two major businesses of knowledge services and commercial advertising have gradually become the main monetization weapons. At that time, the trend of paying for knowledge was booming, and Zhihu also began to accelerate its layout in this field: first, it launched institutional accounts that had insisted on refusing to open it, and later.. Read More

Tianjin Smart Things League Road Star Class Gathering丨When the capital is frenzied, how can enterprises catch the ride of the Smart Things at high speed

-spacing: 0px;”>Ru Xiaoqin, Managing Director of One Village Capital, divides the IoT industry chain into four levels, namely the application layer, the platform layer, the perception layer and the transmission layer. From the amount of financing, capital is different The industry’s attention is most reflected in the application layer and platform layer, including enterprise services, industrial Internet, and medical fields, and then components in the sensing layer. She said, “The.. Read More

Exclusive | FF will be listed in the fastest two weeks, Geely plans to invest tens of millions of dollars

Taking advantage of the capital boom, FF strives to go ashore Author | Li Qin, Yang Lin From a number of people familiar with FF’s domestic financing projects, it was learned that the electric vehicle company FF (Faraday Future) founded by Jia Yueting is seeking a new brand in China. In the round of financing, Geely Group has expressed a clear investment intention. At the same time, FF’s old shareholder.. Read More

Top secret cat movies, the secrets of Chinese cats are here

This article is from WeChat official account:NetEase Data reading (ID: datablog163) , author: A away, design: Yang waves, strawberries, head Figure from: vision China Conclusion The above is all the contents of our investigation. There are more and more cat owners. According to the “White Paper on China’s Pet Industry in 2019” by, the number of pet cats in China’s urban areas in 2019 was 44.12 million, an increase.. Read More

New Year’s “most pit” stocks plunge inside story

Behind the “blood case” triggered by a sale of RMB 7,662,600. This article from the micro-channel public number: Mammoth PLUS (ID: MENGMASHENDU) , Author: Taoshu Ning, Editor: Zhu white , The original title: “Snatching the new good: the inside story of the “most pit” stock plunge in the new year”, the first picture comes from: Visual China 12 trading days from December 30, 2020 to January 15, 2021, new and.. Read More

Rock sugar Sydney practice

During pregnancy, the mouth will become more sloppy, so the requirements for diet have been improved, but the diet during pregnancy must not be the same as before, it is spicy and cold Yes, food with warm sex is the best choice at this time. Rock Sugar Sydney is an example, but there are many prospective fathers who don’t know how to make Rock Sugar Sydney, so let’s take a.. Read More